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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bronze Clay Project

Well, it's not a project so much as just getting back to practicing.

Here's my pile of green goods, ready to be filed and smoothed.

And here's the weirdness that comes out of the kiln.

Came home from work tonight, went to the gym with Gabe, ate dinner, and started polishing the bronze.

I did make one "thing" by the time it was 8:30. It took hours. I am definitely at the beginning stages of working with cold connections.

Anyway, got the pendant done (no photos yet), but there wasn't room left for the jumprings or chain so I am using a wire... which means finding beads tomorrow and finishing it.

Then I snapped a few more photos and uploaded them.

I'm REALLY tired, so going to take a shower now and hit the hay. Hopefully I'll wake more refreshed. Hopefully my daughter will remember that when she calls me at 8am, it's 5am California time. ;-)


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