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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lazy Saturday... following several weeks of lazy

So…. Gabe, my oldest, graduated from high school this week. Then yesterday he turned 18. We’ve all been spending some quality time together. That means I haven’t been working like a mad woman, running around like crazy. Weird, huh?

We got some movies this week. Watched The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum (watched The Bourne Identity previously). We watched Terminator Salvation last night. And tonight (after Iron Chef America is over), we’ll watch Where the Wild Things Are.

Gabe has his usual for birthday dinner, then Monica and I served the German chocolate cake we made for him. I learned two things about German chocolate cake. There’s no chocolate whatsoever in that trademark frosting. I guess I never really gave it much thought… but making it made me realize about the no chocolate thing. The other thing is that the cake isn’t from Germany at all. “German” was the name of the guy who created the mild dark chocolate for the Baker’s Chocolate company. And that’s the chocolate that’s used in this cake.


Yeah, it’s not something I like to do. But I was pleasantly surprised today when I met up with someone this morning while the kids were at hockey. We were talking beads (of course). I look forward to starting up my “beading nights”… hopefully soon… now that the kids are out of school.


Nope. I don’t have any. Weird. I guess I took a little break. I’ll probably get back to it tomorrow. Maybe I’ll actually do something planned. Even though I finding spontaneous beading to be very relaxing, I have been putting off doing anything “serious” lately. Ha ha ha! Oh, except for my Artifact line pieces. I am having a tremendous time with those (and man are they flying off the shelves… whoohoo!).


So, two things I’ll probably cover tomorrow (sorry, I did promise them much earlier than now): artisan-made components and a recent order from a large jewelry finding supplier that I was disappointed with.

Just wanted to touch base today… let you know I was still around. 

BTW, thanks for the nice comments everyone!

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