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Monday, April 27, 2009

Bronze Clay, Silver Clay, and Spicy Cheddar


Yep, I finally (after two years) opened my package of art clay silver. Er… actually, I think it was PMC.

I went to another class at Hadar’s studio Friday night. I’m trying to get over some hang-ups I have… like how I don’t like to be watched by people when I do work… or how I need to be alone if I’m experimenting. That doesn’t really work out well if I’m in a class, trying to learn something.

So I explained to Hadar that I wanted to try making some bead caps. She showed me some neat techniques and tricks.

I also learned that some of my questions had their answers in Hadar’s books, but I’d so far mostly only looked at the pictures.

We talked about that little bit of green in my one finished charm from the bronze/copper bracelet. Turns out that’s just patina.

Then I tried to make some tube and spacer beads. I was pretty bad at that… but it was after 9pm and I was getting tired.

I’ll probably take photos later. Going to take Bear to the estuary then I’ll clean up and set up my photo studio. I have quite a few things to take pictures of (and list!).

(wrote that last night… it's Monday now).


Got my photos done. Won't know until later if they're any decent… had to walk Bear and leave for work.

Actually, I woke up at 5am this morning and toyed with the idea of staying up so I could accomplish some things. Instead, I went back to sleep until 6:30. But as I walked Bear this morning, I was thinking… if I go to bed at 10pm every night and get up at 6am, I'd be getting eight hours of sleep (something I think will be good for me) and I'd have a bit of time in the mornings to DO something.

As it is now, I stay up too late, get up too late, and am tired all day. Ugh!


In the past few months, I've tried a variety of cheeses with peppers or jalapenos in them and none have really had any "kick"… until now. Today, I have a hunk of cheese with me for lunch that is really spicy. I'll try to remember to get the name on the label and share it in case any readers are like me and like spicy cheese.


Have a few pieces done (and drying) that I want to remember to photograph for you. As usual, I really made nothing that I had planned. I was going to make a few caps, but instead I turned them into lentil beads. When I get pictures I'll talk about the process.

I didn't do any mixing (of copper and brass) this time, but I did start to finish (sand and polish) Monica's two pieces. I am in love with the larger one… I hope she gives it to me. My tiny copper and bronze piece turned out quite nice (my standards are low). I'll get a picture of it later.


Aside from Mon's practice tonight, it's game 6 for the Sharks.

Chris, I think you're right… "the list of things to do just expands to fill the time". Kind of like no matter how much you make you manage to spend it. I see that if I want to change the outer, I have to change the inner. I'll work on simplifying my life so I don't have so many tasks to attend to.

Mike, I'm not really sure I've "laughed" at you for years and years about fate and destiny. I'm not saying there is something to fate and destiny. Sorry I wasn't clear (that's the problem with musing in type). I was thinking that if you go by the idea (which I tend to) that anything that is a struggle is probably not your true path, that would seem to be more in line with a belief system of destiny rather than randomness.

But now that I've said it, I think I can say that there's not necessarily a correlation. I think "going with the flow of the universe" may not be at all the same thing as destiny.

I will, however, continue to think about this.

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  1. hi Laura..
    I have a shocking amount of pmc..
    $700.. gosh someone could rob me :)
    going to make a play date w/myself
    you've inspired me ...
    have a great weeek
    mona & the girls