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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Distributing the Wealth

I got up at 3am and opened the kiln so it would be cool by the time Monica got up. I left the sifting stuff and the mask. She said all her pieces came out fine… but she wanted to buff/polish the copper. Hm… kind of hard for me to help her with that over the phone. I'll have to remember to show her in person how to use the dremel, including changing the bits.

Okay, so back to ways in which I'm trying to be green…

We use CFL's (compact fluorescent light bulbs).

We don't run the tap while we're brushing our teeth.

I'm trying to find and use environmentally friendly cleaners in the kitchen and bathroom.

I eat a LOT of meatless meals in a week.

I try to buy local-raised (and organic) food products.

I also try to buy food in bulk as opposed to convenient snack or single-serving size packaging. We use tuperware.

So I was thinking this morning, about how I prefer to buy from indie stores or people rather than like say Walmart, Kmart, etc.

Since I'm a proponent of spreading the wealth, rather than a few rich people and a whole lotta poor people… I want to think that even if I have to spend a little more, if I'm buying directly from the source, directly from someone who makes their own whatever-it-is-I-need… well, then I'm helping to do my part to keep that money thing from getting out of hand.

At first I was thinking, "But if the big companies are doing well, they hire people, and people having jobs is a good thing." I'm trying to find the flaw in that logic, because my intuition still tells me to buy indie whenever possible.

Last night I made another necklace. Still have my green gemstones out (from the other night), so I made a necklace of Malachite and Sterling Silver. I quite like it even though, like the other one, it's very simple. Monica said it looks like my style of jewelry. Hm… not really sure what that means. Maybe it sort of has that little bit of ethnic feel because of the beads… like when I try to do old Egyptian jewelry. Well, pictures tonight if I don't go to Hadar's. Otherwise, Saturday.

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