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Friday, January 9, 2009

Things I Learned This Week

When I want to read a book at the dog park, sit on the table top of the picnic table set because if you sit at the bench part, the first indication you’ll have that a large dog came up behind you and is peeing on the bench you’re sitting on is that your butt will suddenly feel warm. Ew!

The other thing I learned is that when I have caffeinated tea before bed, I am much more aware that the upstairs neighbors not only stay up late but don’t tread lightly. Ugh!


Watching “In the Womb: Dogs” followed by the “Cat” episode. Such interesting things to learn.

Also watched the Sharks beat the Oilers (only the 10th time they’ve beat the Oilers on Edmonton’s ice).


Yep… I’m gonna talk about the “c” word. Mon and I watched a movie this week that I wasn’t enthralled with. It wasn’t horrible… it was mediocre. But what got me was one main point. At the end of the movie (which was “Bridge to Terabithia”, btw), the boy had taken on one characteristic of his friend. This characteristic wasn’t his norm, but some part of him admired it in his friend. When he then displayed the characteristic at the end of the movie, he felt good. He’d taken on something he admired in another.

We do this throughout our lives… seeing things in other people or in books or maybe even in movies… things we admire. Things that make a big impression on us, usually. And then we try it out ourselves.

Let me try to think of things I have taken on… Last year I read a lot of Tao books and Wayne Dyer. Certain things in those books really went “BAM” in my brain. It’s almost 10pm, though, so I can’t think of any specifics at the moment. But when I do, I’ll mention them.

Anyway, I was thinking of jewelry making (as merely one example) as an analogy to the above sentiment. When a jewelry maker sees something they like (whether it be another jewelry design or something in nature, etc), they may feel the urge to try it out themselves and add the technique to their own repertoire. Do I see this as a problem? No. Because the usual way to go about this is that you put your own personal “spin” on the idea. Oh, at first you might do an exact copy, just to get the technique down pat. But eventually, it’s much more fun, fulfilling, and artistic to be INFLUENCED by the other person’s technique (or characteristic) and do it your own way.

Bottom line, I think copying is good. It’s a way to try things out and see what fits us as an individual. Then we take what works and evolve it.


Thanks for the URL… I’ll check it out tomorrow after the hockey games!


Love your tiger stripe canes! I’m cane inept… but will be interested to see what YOU make with them. I’ll also go back and look at previous entries in your blog (here at home your blog comes up right away for me… yay!... probably just the dang firewall at the office… hmph!).

A Bit of Humor then I’m Outta Here until next time

I’m too tired to trying embedding again, so just click on this one… sorry…

Cute Video

People I Want To Send a Note to and Stay In Contact With

I'm going to keep this list on here so I can both add to it when I think of someone else and so I can remember who I've contacted already (which is no one so far).

BTW, this doesn't count people I see on a regular basis (obviously)
Amber VM (don't remember where she is)
Cathleen (in the eastern US somewhere)
Chris (in Iowa)
Connie (in Texas?)
Corinne (in southern California)
Faisal and family (local)
Joan (in Penryn)
Katherine (in Connecticut)
Lara (in Oregon)
Laura (in Texas)
Margo (up north)
Nancy (in southern California)
Natalie (in SF)
Patricia (in Colorado)
Person who made sent me that fab blue bracelet
Person who runs strokewear

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