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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Absolutely nothing... I mean nothing... not worth entering...

I really need to learn to talk on my cell phone without pressing it against my face. I seem to put speakerphone on and mute things without intending to.


Well, if pain is any indication of use, my shins are getting the most exercise on our morning walks because they really hurt. But then, I've always had "sensitive" shins. I can't skate at all without getting burning shin splints. Maybe it has something to do with my flat feet. Shrug.

People I Want To Send a Note to and Stay In Contact With

I'm going to keep this list on here so I can both add to it when I think of someone else and so I can remember who I've contacted already.

BTW, this doesn't count people I see on a regular basis (obviously)
Amber VM (don't remember where she is)
Cathleen (in the eastern US somewhere)
Chris (also don't remember where she is, but she's "crafty")
Connie (in Texas?)
Corinne in southern California
Faisal and family (local)
Joan in Penryn
Katherine (in Connecticut)
Lara in Oregon
Laura in Texas
Margo up north
Nancy in Vermont
Natalie in SF
Patricia in Colorado
Person who made sent me that fab blue bracelet
Person who runs strokewear

Sign Off
Okay, gotta go now… TTYL!

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