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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Safe and Sound… and then other things to worry about

Gabe's Back Home
Sorry about the long time between updates. Gabe made it to the airport in time… and although his flight added 30 minutes of air time, he also made his connection flight (barely… when he got to the gate everyone was already on the plane).

The only two trips left for him are Escondido and San Diego. I doubt I'll be going to either. The airfare for those shouldn't be too much and it's cheaper for him to share a room with someone rather than us having a whole room to ourselves.

Gabe just informed me that he has Selects tryouts this weekend. It's the last year he's eligible to tryout… and it's the first year he's actually trying out.

She's still not allowed to play hockey, or do any kind of activity… and she's doing her absolute BEST to remedy that situation asap.

Her team plays the 14U's this weekend. We'll be there, cheering the Cougars on.

Mon's tryouts for Select camp are in January… I think maybe they're in Alaska. We'll have to see how her health is doing then. This is the first of her four eligible years so it's not as crucial that she make it this year.

My Mind… My Crazy Mind
I say "crazy" because I can't control it. Ha! I've got something on my mind and I tend to worry… and stress… and I don't want to. I know better. And worrying won't have one bit of effect on the outcome of the thing I'm worrying about. And yet… I still worry. Gah!

Broken Things
I think Gabe's phone is kaput. We can take it into a Verizon store to have them check it, but I think it's just the phone.

If I believed in reincarnation (not saying I do, not saying I don't), I would bet money that in another life Monica was my mother.

Thanks for your concern… yep, there was a void alright. Sold everything in my store except two pieces so had to scurry to get the new listings up. I hope you're doing well. There's a package on its way to you (like… the check is in the mail… but hopefully there's some fun stuff for you). Aside from what you are actually expecting, there's a small gift and I found a bunch more leaf beads!

Maybe it's something at the office… my computer froze up both times I tried to look at your blog. :-( I'll try again tomorrow (or tonight from home).

Only one jolly today … oh, also check out the snowflake making website!

http://www.popularfront.com/snowdays/ (click here to have hours of fun making snowflakes)

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