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Saturday, December 27, 2008

I have to stop eating tempura... ugh... I feel so nauseous now...

I’m getting a bit more exercise these days. Walking Bear a couple times a day, a couple short walks and usually one pretty long one. He’s an extremely well-behaved dog. I’m pretty lucky. Oh, I also go up and down the four flights of stairs when it’s convenient.

I haven’t heard much noise from my neighbors. I hope that is reciprocal. And although we are now one block from 880 and one block from the Amtrak station, I haven’t yet been woken up by anything other than one loud truck.

Occasionally the hallway smell like skunk(weed), but I can think of worse things to be surrounded by.

Got the coffee table in (just minutes ago). That means I’ll be able to work now. Oh, I have to try to remember to stop at Office Depot for computer chairs. Before Christmas I saw some at fantastically low prices… hope they’re still there. I’m guessing they were the display chairs.

I didn’t do “after Christmas” shopping, but then again that never was my thing anyway.

Ikea has been my life-saver. I’ll show you pictures later of some of the things I’m talking about… systems I’m using now to save on space.

I’ll have to research more about the meaning of “Mediterranean colors” in regards to Feng Shui… or other systems. It seems that’s what my intuition has led me to use in decorating the living room. Again, I’ll show pictures when I get around to it… soon, though.

I want to add some artwork (my own), but I’m in no rush. Maybe today I’ll put up one picture of mine and add a backing to the computer desk.

I am looking for a particular shade of blue, too. I thought I had it with some couch pillows from Ikea, but I see now they’re too dark. I don’t want to go with anything as light as teal or turquoise, but dark cobalt isn’t bright enough. That and red are my accent colors. The main colors are rust and mustard. Don’t worry; it’s nicer than it sounds.

New Year (Resolutions?)

Aside from that other thing I mentioned earlier (sending a letter to everyone I want to stay in touch with), I have a drawer of unfinished jewelry projects. Would like to get that going/finished. I would like to get to having fewer and fewer things hanging over my head, even if they were placed there by me.


With the help of a few friends, we’ve resurrected the Woman Resource Forum. I hope it becomes a place where many people feel comfortable talking, sharing, reading, etc.

Sex and the City

Never saw even 30 seconds of an episode… until today. I tend to rebel against things that are popular. Don’t ask me why.

Anyway, as I’m eating my lunch, I’m flipping around the channels and end up on an episode of SatC. Suddenly I had an inkling about the reason (or at least ONE of the reasons) for the show’s popularity. This episode was about the subject of “settling”. The narration and the dialogue were on the edge of “what people REALLY think, but would never say outloud”.

Speaking of TV

Ugh! It’s DANGEROUS! For me, anyway. As I’m sorting beads, I’ve got the tv on. In front of me is an infomercial about a thing called NuOven. If I just looked at this thing, I’d say, “OMG, you couldn’t PAY me to use that.” But as I watch the show, I start saying, “Hm… they make it look pretty good. Wow, this is really neat.” Yikes! I have always (did I say “always”? I actually meant ALWAYS!!!) been an easily swayed person (I think). I seem to see myself as someone who can be “talked into” things. Therefore, infomercials will be banned from my future tv watching. All these gadgets seem so necessary. Heh

Sign Off

Anyway, I’d better go now. Have to get ready to go to Mon’s special 7½ minutes (if they let her play, that is). What a disaster this season has been for her (and consequently for her team?). But the important thing is that Mon seems smashingly healthy. She’s got those awesome cheeks back. Yay!


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