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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My desk is a mess... gah!

When my environment is out of sorts, *I* am out of sorts. I really do hate mess and clutter (okay, who doesn't). This is one of the reasons I'm doing that whole "get rid of all non-essentials" thing that I'm doing. I just need to do it faster. Ha!

Anyway, here's my latest artwork... "Cosmic Ikebana"...

I also made a bracelet I really like... during that last Sharks win.

Oh, and I've got some stuff that I put up on eBay but I don't have time to show you until tomorrow.

Also, since it's November, the sale items in my store have switched. Whatever you see on sale now, ends November 30th (or sooner if someone buys it).

SRA Jewelry
Oh, check out the new showcase in the SRA Jewelry website. Ooh la la!

Well, I've got to get going now. I'll try to be back soon with more... shrug... stuff...



  1. Hi Laura :)

    Your blog is my daily pitstop. LOL! Do you feel me stalking you? ;)

    I love your new jewelry on ebay... and that picture that you made is really cool, too!


  2. WOW! Love your latest artwork. I wanna see a larger photo of it.

  3. Tis the season to "GAP" ....

    I have been AWOL devoting all my time to getting through the Open Studio event here at Artspace. The coordinator they hired was rampantly incompetent , so they fired her and the task of carrying off the event fell to the board of directors. So I had double duty ... be show manager AND exhibitor. It will take a few days to normalize (whatever that is)
    I smiled at your latest artistic presentation in virtual land. Somehow I like photos of real furniture better... even though it promotes the "fib" that the painting is in the real room! *smile*

    I hope all of your many challenges aren't too daunting ... "keep-a-swimmin"!