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Monday, November 24, 2008

Just the Facts, Ma'am...

Mini Update here

Rescued one from the pound today. No, not another one we're taking in... one of our actual OWN cats. Don't want to go into the details... but he's back home with his family now, safe and sound.

Mon's team had a FANTASTIC game on Sunday and Kian (the goalie who shares with Monica) was amazing. They lost, but only by one point and the last time we played them it was 13-1. I truly believe Monica's team will be the "most improved" team by the end of the season. They are growing by leaps and bounds, skill-wise.

The show was interesting. I don't do many home shows. It was nice socializing with Alex and Patrice and Doug. It was also interesting to see that my only sales were what I refer to as "bling" jewelry. That's bracelets made of almost all Swarovski.

Got a tray of those heading to Texas this week.

Oh, that's where Gabe's heading this week, too.

Since we have no oven, I ordered a small dinner from Boston Market. Monica and I will make the rest of the fixin's and it'll be fine... except Gabe won't be there... unless we let him have his early, like Wednesday night.

In order to change things up (one of my favorite sports!), I bought a bottle of white wine the other day. All it did was remind me why I only buy red wine. *shudder*

Also bought some Havarti (first time) after tasting it at Patrice's house.

Saw Twilight today with Monica. We had a nice time together and the movie was decent. VERY geared toward young teen girls, but so what. I didn't find anything annoying in it.

Mon and I might color some ceramic beads tonight. Oh, and I have to take photos. Oh my gosh I have a TON of jewelry to photograph.


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  1. I just wanna say happy Thanksgiving to you. :) I hope you guys have a great day!

    Also, since I never commented back... I LoVE the earrings you made Mon! I can't wait to see more!!