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Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday... YAY!

BTW, next week I'll update that slideshow over there (on the right). I just threw a few pictures up really quickly to see if I could get it to work first.

I... uh... didn't get any of the new listings up yet. Heh... sorry.

One project I did for today, though, was to make a portfolio for Monica like I've gone one for me. And looking through mine made me realize how happy I am to know that certain people ended up with some of my favorite pieces. Some I remember well and others I'd completely forgotten about (until I see it in the database).

Gabe's team will be playing in Vegas... a week after they get back from Dallas... did I already mention that? I hope it's not too hard on the boys. They won't be missing school for the Dallas trip 'cause that's Thanksgiving break. Mon and I will be in Anaheim.

BTW, Mon is currently breaking in her new pads. She's being a trooper.

Thanks for the lovely comments on a daily basis. I'm getting spoiled (that means you aren't allowed to stop... ha ha ha!).

Thanks for the compliment on my artwork, but it's only digital... not painted like yours. However, even so (and mounted on wood), I don't know how to sell it... it's heavy. Shrug.

That's interesting about you selling art in person... not being a fantastic experience. If given the choice, I ALWAYS prefer to sell anything I make... from afar... as far as possible. This virtual shield is ideal. Someone looks me in the eye and suddenly I feel like giving my creations away. DorkDorkDork!

Hey, I don't mind a not positive opinion about macrobiotics! I value your opinions. I'm stubborn enough to not agree with some if I am not ready to, but I still wanna hear 'em. :-) So... what's the difference between a "vegan type diet" and macrobiotics. Maybe I read the wrong stuff... they sound almost identical to me.

I like your idea about the copper chain and fabric cords. Sounds very cool and straight up my alley. I, too, am trying to throw in some affordable component pieces. Times are hard and we all still deserve little bits of brightness, cheer, and things that make us happy.

Y'know... I had all these URLs bookmarked for stuff to discuss and share in my blog... and now none of it seems relevant or interesting. Maybe I can't find the right place where I put the bookmarks.

Well, I'll try to touch base tomorrow, even though weekends are tough for me.

Oh, here are a couple of our boobs... I mean babes... sleeping...

Here is an LOL cat (followed by some wild cat in similar pose)...

Enjoy your Sat and Sun! TTYL!

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  1. I stand corrected. I was basing my notions on macrobiotic diet on what I had read many years ago ( pre internet) I found a very good food list online

    and it is not much different at all than vegan.

    I was a vegan for about 5 years... was very healthy ... but I no longer have the strength to resist the crap food that is everywhere and that I crave like a junkie. On the whole I eat pretty well, but then add some foods that I know very well are processed poison. I also cook very little these days. Salads, sandwiches and nuke-ables are it. If I had a family to cook for I am sure I would be inspired to create more healthy dishes. At this point I wish there were bags of people chow... I could get up in the morning, fill the kitties bowl with cat chow, fill my bowl with people chow and nibble all day. I draw the line at putting MY bowl on the floor, mind you.... but if I could get all the nutrients and such in one munchable stop ... I'd do it!
    Speaking of kittiez ... I adore your babies. Sleeping on kittyback is one kitty trick that always makes me go AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW ... even if the lil culprit is sacked out because she just spilled an entire tray of beads and proceeded to play hockey with them all over the floor while mommy was out on errands.