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Monday, October 13, 2008

Diet and Exercise... and other stuff in life

First, though, I want to say that I did get photos of our latest eBay listings on our model. BUT… argh!... I forgot to upload them… so they won't go up until tonight.

Diet and Exercise

Does this have anything to do with the "The Biggest Loser" marathon that was on our tv all weekend? Who knows. I know I'm really sick of hearing their scale beeping… but that's another story.

I did think of two things yesterday. One is that I've got it backwards… I usually go, "I'll eat what I want today and I'll start my diet and exercise plan tomorrow." Yeah, we all know how well THAT goes… seems it's always "today" and it's never "tomorrow". But then… that's true. It IS always today. We never live in tomorrow; we're always living in today. So what if I changed it to, "I only have to eat well and exercise today, and tomorrow I can do whatever I want and eat as much of anything I want." And then I'm safe… because it's never tomorrow… ever. It's always today. But this way, I don't have to feel I'm doing anything long-term. I mean, all I have to do (in reality) is get through today. One day! How hard can that be?

So I started this morning by setting my alarm 15 minutes early and doing exercises in the living room with Monica from 6:45-7:00am.

I brought work-out clothes with me so I can do some walking or something after work. Then the only other thing is to eat carefully. By "carefully" I mean keep the fats and sugars to a minimum while still making sure I get enough protein and nutrients. Oh yeah… and I need to drink a bunch of water. I'm really bad at that (although Mon's worse!).

So… I'll let you know how my progress with this new thinking goes.

Oh, the other thing I thought of is that I was also thinking of my diet (and when I refer to "diet" I don't mean as in "a diet", I mean diet as in what one eats for a living… my regular diet, my way of eating)… anyway, in regards to my diet, I decided that instead of eating and then calculating what I've taken in to see how much more of what I can have, I should PLAN my meals in a balanced fashion ahead of time, then I'm not scrambling around trying to find what fits into my needs. Also, if you plan your food out, you're more likely to have on-hand the healthy choices you need rather than just making do with whatever's in front of you.

Also, now I take the elevator to the 15th floor and walk from there to the 16th. I'll work my way down... maybe tomorrow I'll start on the 14th floor.


I still have two pieces of jewelry to list from last week. I didn't make anything new this weekend, because I spent both days sorting out and organizing my beads. Again?! Yes. But the living room looks great at the moment. Nothing on the floor and the rug is vacuumed. Yay!

I'll have to try the tutorial again. I had a request for a particular one so we'll start with that, I guess.

Mon mad the most AMAZING present for her friend's birthday party on Sunday. Mon spent Friday night, a large portion of Saturday, and Sunday morning creating polymer clay charms for a charm bracelet she put together for her friend. The charms each has some meaning, inside jokes, references, memories, etc. I can't believe I didn't take a picture before she gave it. D'oh!


I'm up to the last three episodes of Lost (from season 1). They are Exodus 1, 2 and 3.


What would you do in a day if everything you did was wiped from your memory at midnight each night? Would your routine change?


Cathleen, I just love your posts to my blog! Thanks. BTW, I'm fascinated with your Ammonite pieces. I have a couple of the things myself, but haven't a clue (or the skill) about using them. Maybe you can take a vacation out this way some time and hold my hand as I try to learn some metal-smithing techniques. :-)

Now, I must say… your paintings are breath-taking! I have no idea why this is the first time I'm seeing them (maybe 'cause your work is kind hard to find if I'm merely navigating your blogs, etc.).

There are so many that I love, I can't even pick out my favorites! How on earth do you get them photographed with such cool room settings, too! I want a clean house!!!

And Chris, I've noticed that quite a number of people visiting my blog are being referred to it from your website. Awesome. Thanks! I need to see if I can add a link to your site over there (on the right) where I list all my stuff. I'm still kinda new to figuring out how Blogspot works.


Actually, your statement about making small things to wear as jewelry reminded me of a dream I had this weekend. My creative outlet (in the dream) was making miniature pots and vases out of polymer clay. They were like the kind you'd make on a potter's wheel, but teeny tiny. Wonder if I should try.


We can't forget our daily dose of humor...

Anyway, back to business.


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  1. Thanks Laura .. yeah I do need to REALLY blog ... I write 10 times as much as I would in MY blog in other places each day *smile* I just have a lot of angst about writing on my OWN blog .... who knows ...

    Hey ... sorry to disappoint , but I take the photos of the paintings in my messy studio then PHOTOSHOP them onto room settings stolen from furniture and interior design sites. There were most likely THOUSANDS of dollars of professional styling and photography involved in those and I do slice and dice and collage together bits and pieces of rooms ... but I know I know ... I stole the rooms. Is there a corner of Hell for photoshop thieves?

    I would be happy to show you ( or anyone else for that matter) metal mashing and melting ... anyone who would pick me up at the airport and supply a sofa for me to camp on. I can't drive worth spit any more and can't rent a car without a credit card anyway. I can buy plane tickets with paypal . I have been back in Connecticut 10 years now and haven't taken a REAL vacation (where you go away from home!) in that whole time. A friend who just gave me a nice trunk show is pondering going to Santa Fe and I hope to go at the same time... splitting costs ... She has the credit cards to do the hotel and car and I would give her the cash for my part... hope it happens. I saw a photo on Jennifer Esperanza's Flickr the other day and burst out crying. I miss it so much. I used to live in Eldorado ... even whithout the caption I could tell it was my turf: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenniferesperanza/2854162481/