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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A very nice three days off... yay!

Had a nice weekend. Lots of hockey and lots of driving, but it was still fun. Went to two BBQs. Had the whole family help get our bulky pick-up ready (now the backyard only has weeds in it, no garbage).

I'm very pleased with the four necklaces we just listed.

Click on the photos to see more details…

I'm also happy about some of the wire-work (beginner… very basic stuff) we accomplished while at the Vacaville rink. Two pair of earrings. I want to add patina to one or both of them… we'll have to see how much time is left after hockey tonight. Gabe's already started games, but I bet Mon can't wait… she LOVES games, especially games with lots of shots. I think there are only two second years on her team.

BTW, Reynolds company first used the push-in tabs on the sides of their packaging in 1996.


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