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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stop the madness!!!

Note to self: Dear Laura, please stop volunteering for things, taking on new tasks, or starting new projects. You are over-stretched as it is. You often find yourself over-committed because you've agreed to do something and then your schedule changes and you are unable to fulfill your commitments. The only thing I will allow you to add to your schedule right now is exercise, because I think you'd feel better if you exercised. There. Now go out and learn to say "no" and QUIT volunteering for things. You can't be all things to all people so quit trying. Love, Laura


I made a couple pieces I like. I'm working a little with oxidizing silver. I like the rustic look. We'll still list the more "bauble-y" type pieces because Monica is saving for her new leg pads, but I will try to showcase the new direction items more.

Free Jewelry

Whoops... just realized today's Thursday. Sorry... I've been "off" by a day or two all week. It's THAT kind of week. I will do the "freebie contest" announcement as soon as possible. D'oh!

Speaking of Monica, here are a couple of charm bracelets she did... can't remember if I listed them on the website or not so I won't include links this time.

Oh, and here's a necklace she made that I really like.

Man, there's actually a ton of other things we just put up, but I don't feel like showing them all here. Sigh... If you want to look, there's my eBay listings as well as the website.

And... I actually have a lot to do today so I'm gonna get outta here now and get on with it.


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