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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm making progress in little ways.

I used to save my jewelry photos as very high res photos AND as lower res with the watermark. I've decided I don't need the high res versions anymore. If there should ever come a time when I am called upon to furnish a high res photo of a piece of jewelry I've already sold, oh well. So this is going to save me STEPS (aka "time") as well as computer space.

What else? Hm... I try to respond to people's emails sooner, even if it sometimes means just a quick acknowledgment. I used to wait and say to myself, "Well, I'll respond to that when I have more time because I want to really give it my attention and tell them everything that's been going on." Ugh! Yeah, when hell freezes over.

Some people I want to get in touch with and/or stay in touch with: Stacy, Margo, Charlotte, Laura 1, Laura 2, Alex, etc.

I've been taking small areas of the house and doing "the thing". "The thing" consists of removing everything from that area and separating it into one of four piles/containers:
Give away

I hope when all is said and done the "keep" pile isn't too big. My biggest problem currently is the "sell" pile because selling takes time and effort.

Kids' first day of school yesterday (including Mon's first day at high school). Seems okay so far.

Got Gabe's replacement phone, charged it, activated it, and set it up.

I wonder if I can get down to Santa Cruz on the 5th. I never even knew about these guys.
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  1. Hey, this must be cleaning month! I'm doing the same thing. In fact, I cleaned behind the fridge...who'd of thunk all that stuff would collect back there (HA!). I'm thinking if things are streamlined I'll have more time for glass. If I haven't used it or seen it in three years (and it's not sentimental) it's outta here. Keep cookin' that glass.