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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Really, a not very important day... yet

Today was busy. Got some listings up. Visited some groups I'd wanted to visit. Wow, suddenly it doesn't seem like I did anything, but I swear I've been busy all day. I mean, all day other than my day job… okay, that could explain it… MY version of "all day" means from when I get up until about 8am, then SOMETIMES I take a lunch, then from 5:30pm or so until 9:30pm… But seeing as how I'm officially on my lunch hour at the moment, I guess that means I still have most of my "all day" yet to be (with NO idea what kind of jewelry I want to work on… hmph!).

Actually, my wire-wrapped pendant seemed well-received so maybe I'll do some wire-wrapped something. I'm almost out of silver, though, so it may have to be in gold.

I'm too lazy (tired, short of time, etc.) to show you today the new listings I put up. Maybe tomorrow.

Also tomorrow, I want to add the rest of the LE blog people over there on the right of your screen.

The kids are officially in Canada now. And Gabe is almost officially a Vacaville Jet (how odd… we've been Oakland Bears for six years now). Because of Gabe's new "jetness", though, I've got to get some listings up soon. I've got plenty of things to list; it's just the time it takes to list them. Oh but wait… time is elastic to my needs. Yay! Anyway, there's always that big payment at the beginning of the hockey season, but truthfully I don't see this (this being "tier") hugely more expensive than A/B hockey. Still no clue about Mon, but she'll be trying out for Santa Clara.

Tomorrow I want to remember to talk about Candice Mathewson, my jewelry contest, and The Gathering.



  1. Laura, that necklace in your photo is simply stunning! I love the focal, the wrapping, everything! :-)

  2. Hey, thanks! I was going to show it in LE, but someone BIN'd it as soon as I listed it. The focal is also one of my faves (Candice Mathewson). I'm trying to explore the whole wire-wrapping "thing" to see if I have a knack for it.