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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Catching up on obligations and such

I spent four hours today making the new roster update. Thanks to Alex who processed all the recent applications, and Patrice who will be doing the emailing to the new members... what I did had to do with touble-shooting and data-cleaning.

I've temporarily closed applications for about two weeks to give me/us a chance to get caught up.

One of my new bracelets seems to be something a large number of people like. That's always nice. It's this one (btw, you can click on these pictures to see the listings).

And a couple other new pieces...

I will use my lunch hour today to work on the custom order (yes, still the wedding). We're switching from silver to gold now.

Okay, this was just a quickie catch-up post. I'd better skidaddle now. TTYL!

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