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Thursday, July 7, 2016

My First Jewelry Collection: Part 1

It's true... I've been making jewelry for 15 years and I've never made a collection.

It shows, too.  There is no cohesive look to my shop or display.

My shop...

My gallery display...

Mind you, both of these are WAY better than it used to be, but the bottom line is I like to play, I like to experiment, and I kind of have ADD of jewelry making.  Every time I see a new technique or get a new tool, I want to go off and explore that direction.  I end up with lots of directions and very little focus.

So I decided to put my foot down and actually create my first collection.

I also decided to vlog (video log) the experience, for better or worse... or maybe just to keep me on task.  I'm not yet familiar (in the slightest!) with my new video editing software so bear with me in the beginning please.

This first vlog entry is merely to introduce you to my idea and tell you what my starting point is.  In my next entry, I hope to explore (and show you) some hard core plans for the collection designs.

If you prefer to watch the video directly on YouTube, click here.  And if you feel inclined to leave me a comment or give my video a thumbs up, I just want you to know those are ALWAYS appreciated.  Thanks!


  1. Well, I liked the VLOG and I really am looking forward to hopefully seeing how you achieve some of the textures and patinas. I've never taken a class on either, so I'm always looking to see how it's really supposed to be done! :<)

    1. Thanks for you comment, Susan! I wouldn't say I do anything the way it's "really supposed to be done" ;-) but I do enjoy sharing what I can when I can.

      My next step is seeing how hard (or not) it is to add actual video to my videos. :-) Fingers crossed!