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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My Review of the Black and Decker 15.6V DUSTBUSTER® Hand Vac Model CHV1510

Why a dustbuster review?  As a metalsmith, I find it comes in handy.  Not only do I use it for quick clean ups, I can look in the canister to see if I vacuum up any gemstones by accident.

A dustbuster is, for me, not an entire house vacuum cleaner but rather something for mini vacuuming... spills, a patch of dust bunnies, etc.  I didn't even *care* if my dustbuster held a charge for over a minute.  Trust me, I was finished with whatever I needed to do with it in under 30 seconds. 

But just for the sake of testing (I love research!), I recently started the stopwatch and decided to do continual vacuuming with this until it died. 

Five minutes later, all the crumbs and cat hair were off the floor of two rooms and the thing was still going strong.  I decided to stop there.  There is no earthly reason I need a dustbuster to run for more than five minutes.  [Others may use theirs differently... I'm just telling you that for the reason I got it, it works great.]

My only complaint is that the extension nozzle retracts too easily.  As soon as it touches an object it starts going back into the housing.  IMO, there should be a catch so it stays extended until you purposefully retract it.

Other than that, thumbs up. 

And I leave my dustbuster on the charger 100% of the time except when I'm vacuuming. 

I've had it for about 2-3 years now.

Here is the product on Amazon.  The rating is very bad and had I read those prior to purchasing, I would not have gotten this model.  I'm glad I didn't read those reviews before buying.  It's sad to see so many people having a hard time with it not holding a charge.  Does that mean I got a reverse lemon?

On the other hand, here's a site with a beaming review.

But... on Black and Decker's own website the reviews are terrible.

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