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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Just another day in the country

Kinda beat so this will be short.  I mowed twice today and, wimp that I am, am totally exhausted.  Gonna sit down and catch my breath then will get back to making rings for the upcoming show.

Here, btw, are Ten and Asia.... pretending to ignore me.  They are at my heels though as soon as I head into the orchard to water.

Then we all go back up and water the vegetable garden.  Tonight, after I gave the plants a shower (they look thirsty in the evening and I feel like that want me to wet their leaves after I water their roots), anyway, this lovely little bee settled down for a drink (do bees drink water? if not maybe she wanted a bath).

Oh, and I found this today.  Maybe it will inspire me to make something wasp-oriented.

Also got to thinking today that in light of the fact that my kitchen consists of two electric burners and a toaster oven, I'm a fairly decent cook.  Hard to do big portions with those limitations, but love entertaining.

Millet fritters, yogurt/garlic sauce, and tomato salad.

I told you they were small.

And so I bid you an early goodbye... until tomorrow...

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