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Monday, September 23, 2013

Image Limitations on Blogger, A Good Article on Jewelry Wire Quality, A Mini Rant (or Observation) about Selling Online

Do you have a blog? Did you know there are limits to the amount of images you can have/store on your blogger account?

There's a limit to my Blogger images?!

I just learned this today. Here’s an article talking about it:

I didn’t even know our photos were stored on a Picasa account. I’ve heard that if our photos are less than 800x800 pixels, they don’t count towards our 1G allotment. I went and looked at my Picasa Web Album account and sure enough, even between the three blogs on my account it said I was using 0% of my allotment. Yay!

But size isn’t everything. You can also only have 1000 images… sort of. According to the article: “Once you go over that 1000 limit, Picasa Web should create a new album for your blog to store another 1000 pictures. Here’s a catch: adding that 1001st picture has to be done with your computer NOT your smart phone.”

Now for some jewelry-making info… Here’s a good article (well, it's both a video and a transcription of the video) I ran across today that covers some helpful tips for making your wire jewelry higher quality.

Why am I a Success on eBay?

Then later in the day, as I was checking my eBay listings, I got to thinking… I never EVER advertising, market, or promote my eBay listings. Not only do I never mentioned them in my blog or on Facebook or anywhere, I can’t even remember the last time I sent out one of the emails that eBay tries to get you to send out to people who are subscribed to your store.

To compensate for eBay’s higher fees, I even have my prices higher at eBay than at my other stores.

And yet I still sell way (WAY!) more on eBay than on Etsy.

Does this validate my feelings that when I’m paying an online venue, I feel like part of what I’m paying for is the fact that THEY should be bringing in the foot traffic.

I market my website and my Etsy store… religiously.

What I don’t do is play around on the Etsy forums…. Is that important to sales? I hope not. I’d like to think Etsy attracts customers who are not other Etsy sellers.

But eBay has vindicated my reasoning that a large part of what I pay for when I pay seller’s fees to an online selling venue is for the fact that THEY are brining traffic to my shop.

I have done some things recently to increase the views in my Etsy shop and I’m very determined to make my Etsy shop a success someday. I just wanted to say that I do believe a certain portion of the responsibility lies with the venue.

I can’t even blame the mass-produced imports pretending to be handmade that flourish on Etsy because eBay has the same and more. So what IS the difference? Why are people buying from my eBay store and not my Etsy store? (Then again I was also a failure on Zibbet and ArtFire… did okay on RubyLane but that was awfully expensive, IMO.)

Ah well, the mysteries of the business.

Some of My Recent Listings

Here is a cute pair of earrings I made. Domed some copper then enameled the top in black then added some gold and fired it on.

Here’s a micro-mosaic pendant (kind of matches the earrings I showed you yesterday).

Oooh, and I love how these came out… white bronze earrings formed on a vintage button used as a mold.

Alright, catch you later!

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