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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Help Sanzuma Purchse Solar Ovens for Guatemala

Today’s blog post is dedicated to something one of my friends is doing that I think is really neat.

The project is called Sanzuma and it basically has everything to do with a wonderful energy source and compassion for fellow human beings.

My friend Lori Davis is the founder of this movement (from the Environmental Action Club at the College of Marin, California) to get solar ovens to people and places that can really benefit from them.

I’m not a good paraphraser, though, so I’m just going to quote from the website:

“Sanzuma’s goal is to educate people around the world how to use solar ovens. These ovens can be used for a family or an entire village. The Villager Oven can support a solar bakery as well. The purpose of these bakeries is to alleviate poverty and enhance the quality of the recipients’ life, as well as teach them a more environmentally friendly alternative to cooking than wood and charcoal.”

Please go to the website and read more about this wonderful project.

Lori will be traveling to Guatemala soon to help distribute the solar ovens purchased through your donations.

Their goal is to raise $5000 by May 1st (I think that’s totally do-able!).

As Lori said to me the other night, “If 50 people donate $5 each, that’s one oven purchased!”

They have a super-easy donate through PayPal button right on the homepage.



Saturday, March 26, 2011

Selling Your Scrap Metals, Gold-Filled Defined, Finally Get Your Show Banner, and New Jewelry Listings

What is “Gold-Filled”?

Here’s an article describing the process. The visuals are really helpful.

Where Can I Sell My Silver/Gold Scraps?

And if you’re planning to destash some of your bits and pieces, Midwest Refineries has gotten rave reviews by some of my friends. I will be shipping a baggie of silver very soon.

Ever Wanted a Sign for Your Shows?

I don’t know how long it’s going to last, but FedEx is having a killer sale right now on signage.

The sale.

Outdoor banners, used to be $135, now $60
Indoor banners, used to be $120, now $60

New Jewelry Listings

I got a couple new items up for sale. One of the listings is for these long earrings, and you get to choose if you want an orange Spessartite Garnet, a dark red Almandine Garnet, or a bright green Peridot.

And a necklace of fine silver and Toni Lutman glass beads (“Three Moons”).

Dog or wookie?

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Today’s thoughts are about non-attachment (in correlation to my unshakeable belief that happiness is one of human being’s ultimate goals).

There is much about the philosophy of “non-attachment” that lends itself to an easier, happier life. Let’s start with the simple relief from worry about how much stuff you’ve got at any given time, hauling it around with you, protecting it, preserving it, etc.

I recently read a passage someone wrote about all the things they’d lost recently in a tragic event. The words were something to the effect of: “… all the hard work over the years to collect these things and now they’re all gone. It’s like I worked all my life for nothing.”

Hearing this made me think about the way one’s life would be easier (mentally) if one embraced non-attachment. Then, if you lost your “stuff”, it wouldn’t seem like the end of the world to you.

But is it possible? I mean, for us raised in the Western hemisphere, in a capitalist society, with possessions being a focal part of our entire lives?

I’m in the process of downsizing… again. Not that I have that many possessions, but sometimes when you go from one location to another (particularly if the second one is miniscule), you’ve got to think about downsizing.

I realized that most of what I’m “holding onto” isn’t about “memories” or anything like that… it’s about value. I’ve collected things over the years that I’m having a hard time getting rid of because they are worth more than what can currently get for them.

So it’s only about money. Money. Phft! Yeah, money’s important, but I don’t need to stress and keep these things around me merely because someday I can go through a bunch of effort to sell them for a decent price and make what…? Just how much is piece of mind worth? Do I own anything that’s worth THAT much? No, I don’t think so. I need to let it go… just let it all go. *****breathe*****

But it’s not just about “stuff” (possessions). “Non-attachment” is also about people. That part can be much trickier to think about and I’m not actually going to talk about that today.

Does “non-attachment” make a person distant or seem non-caring? If you detach yourself from pain are you also detaching yourself from pleasure?

Embracing the philosophy of non-attachment makes sense when you consider we live in an impermanent world. Is there anything in this world that is permanent? Is non-attachment about enjoying what we have in the moment? Is it okay to grieve for our loss when something that made us happy is gone?

Buddhists believe (I think) that attachment is the root of suffering.

I think one of the things I’d like to meditate on is to question my motives. What is my motivation of any and all the things I do?

I can’t criticize anyone about anything… I see me in everyone else in the world. I am no better and no worse than others. I’m not even different. I am reminded daily that I’m a lot more ignorant than a lot of people who cross my path, but I cut myself some slack and just say that I’m still learning and hope to improve on a daily basis.

When you think about it, we can become attached, not only to material things and people, but also to ideas. I will continue to work toward not being fixed in my ideas, to really listen to others rather than be mentally composing my next sentence as the other person is speaking, and to try to keep an open mind at all times, seeing as many sides of the issue as possible… without judgment or prejudice.

Next subject for musing: right and wrong.

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Jewelry Listings, More Controversial Etsy Changes, Fix Your Facebook Security Settings

Yes, I have been away for awhile. Hockey life took over for awhile… and now I’m fighting off a virus of some sort.


Got a couple up for the Ancient Artifacts line. These two bracelets are inspired by Egyptian designs.

Tomorrow, if I have the energy, I’ll get a photo of these bracelets worn in “stacker” fashion.

Oh, and it’s been so long, I don’t think I even showed you my fish pendant…


I want to buy and sell on Etsy. I don’t need them to be a social network. Their latest bad move: Article: “Etsy users irked after buyers, purchases exposed to the world”


Or at least as secure as you can make it. This article/slideshow: Facebook Privacy: 10 Must-Know Security Settings can help you be less exposed. At the very least you can CHOOSE which things you want others to see and/or know about you.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm a prima donna

I have a real aversion to typing on a laptop. I suppose that given enough time I'd get used to it, but for now I feel less than fluid.

Got a GOOD night's sleep last night. Yay! The boys are still sleeping, but I'll have to wake them up soon as practice is at 11am.

I haven't met anyone on the teams yet other than a couple of the girls and one mom. All SUPER nice!!!

Saw a photo of the Honda and figure it's going to be a total loss. Well, will wait to hear from my insurance company now that the other insurance company is disputing if they were in fact covering the other driver (seriously, how can it take more than one day to figure it out?! You either were covering him or you weren't).

OKay, just wanted to touch base with everyone and say I'm alive and well. If I get time, I'll be working on a new line of Viking knit bracelets for the website.


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