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Friday, February 4, 2011

PNP Instructions, Another DIY Photographer’s Light Box, PayPal Resolving Issues

PayPal… on the ball!

This week I received two emails from PayPal asking me to fill out a survey regarding my recent trouble ticket filed with them. Normally, I just delete these spasm, but in these emails they referred to me by name, rather than “Dear Customer”.

So I called PayPal and said, “I haven’t called you guys in many months for anything, so why am I receiving a notice that I recently submitted a trouble ticket?”

The guy looked up the number referenced in the email. Turns out this is a response to a trouble ticket I filed… last March. Ha ha ha! Way to scare the heck out of your customers! I thought someone hacked my account.

Photographer’s Light Box

Another great DIY (do-it-yourself) photo light tent tutorial.

PNP Instructions

For those into metal etching, if you haven’t tried PNP (press-n-peel) paper yet… you may want to consider experimenting with it. You can get some pretty precise designs using it. Here is a page with some specific directions.

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  1. Laura thank you so much for sharing all this great information. I am off to look at the photo tent and then the peel and stick for etching metal.