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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Organizing My Living Space, Necklace or Art, and New Listings

New Listings

Finally took some time to make a few new items. Here they are (click a photo for more info).

This one already sold:

It’s funny; several of these are multi-strand. Something I’m less than comfortable with. I find it rather hard to make everything come out to the right lengths. Maybe that’s why I continue to do them… the challenge. Heh

Necklace or Art

Some things I learned this week while looking around at listings for necklaces.

If I were buying a necklace, I would want to see what it looks like in the “as worn” position. There are a lot of listings for necklaces that look great artistically arranged in front of the camera. But I still want to know what it looks like in its practical use… as a necklace… hanging from someone’s neck.

One exception… if it’s a minimalist type of thing, like a pendant on a chain, then no… a model photo isn’t necessary (unless I want a better sense of size).

Organizing My Living Space

Okay, onto something else… cleaning my digs.

It was a big job, but here’s how I did it:

Mentally divide the room into a clock and start at noon (then work around the clock until you return to twelve).

Pick up one item at a time and decide these things about it:

1) Do I want to keep this in my life?
a) If no, toss it (or put it in a pile of stuff to sell on eBay/Craigslist)
b) If yes, go to next step

2) If “1b”, is it something I want:
a) In my immediate living area
b) Somewhere up on a shelf or in a closet
c) Somewhere even further like put away into storage

3) If “2c”, put item into box to take to storage area (label outside of box)

4) If “2b”, put item into box that will go into closet or on shelf (label outside of box)

5) If “2a”, do I already have a specific place designated for this item so when I want to find it, I’ll know precisely where to go?
a) No
b) Yes

6) If “5b”, put it in that place immediately

7) If “5a”, create a place for item based on how often it will be needed

Here are some of the areas I had to create last week:
• Frames for projects
• To sell/trade (non beads/jewelry)
• Craft papers
• Large Etching Supplies

Otherwise, I pretty much had a place for everything. It all just needed to be put away.

As I clean, I pick up all papers and put them into three piles:
1) Things I need to take care of in the next week or two
2) Things for the business
3) Things to put into the filing cabinet

Numbers 2 and 3 can be further filed away some night while I’m watching tv.

Well, I’d better get back to stuff. Happy New Year everyone!!!

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  1. Oh WOW! Total envy factor on ALL of those. And I'm really struck with the awesome simplicity of the leather bracelet. Unique and gorgeous.

    WAY TO GO!