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Monday, January 3, 2011

Cellphone Instant Language Translator and New Listings

Lori, thanks for the nice comment! That suede bracelet is totally the kind of thing I would wear… like, it would be my “go to” bracelet. I won’t even bother showing it to my son… he wouldn’t understand. :-)

My current “go to” bracelet is a fab bracelet of lampwork on elastic (yes, you heard me right… I’m a proponent!) made by Bonnie Jacobsen.

New Listings

I stayed up too late last night (habit from two weeks off work).

Need to make sure I go to bed earlier tonight.

Got three listings in (click a pic for more info):

Cellphone Instant Language Translator

Have you seen this app? And it’s not an online app.

And it’s almost 10pm and I’ve got to jump into bed (with Little Dorri on my MP3 player… OMG, Matthew Macfadyen… sigh…).

After this, I need to load up season three of Fringe.


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