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Monday, September 20, 2010

Getting ready for the launch of a new line

As I mentioned, no new listings for a couple of weeks as I prepare to roll out the new line ("Auspicious Gemstone" Jewelry). Hopefully, I'll also have more of the Quote in a Pendant jewelry as well as the Gratitude Necklaces from my Law of Attraction line.

Monica leaves for Ohio on Thursday (well, Wednesday midnight), so we're making sure she's all ready for that... and there's a practice with the boys' team tomorrow, so really hardly any time left (I'm doing her laundry while she's out playing tennis with Gabe at the moment... I encourage them to spend time together in case he leaves soon).

I'm very tired/sleepy. I was thinking about that week this summer when both kids were gone... I was going to bed at 9:30... alseep before 10:30.

I wish Monica would get more sleep. Well, so far she's working very hard to keep her grades up... to one end only... getting into a D1 school. Good thing she has hockey as a motivator... for everything in her life.

Okay, that's it... just wanted to touch base. Going to clean up a bit then go to bed.


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1 comment:

  1. Hi Laura,
    I stumbled upon your blog having spent all day *attempting* to do better photos of my jewelry that I make. I came across an old post of yours where you were saying photos are your hard thing. Mine too! I'm now drinking wine as a result of a wasted day. All I accomplished is that I have to clean up my mess that is now in my studio!

    Your photos are beautiful, as is your work! Can I ask you what equipment/techniques you're using? They are really very very good.

    As a cat lover, I also LOVE all your cute cat/animal funnies!