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Friday, May 21, 2010

One of a Kind Jewelry, Gabe’s D.C. Trip, New Jewelry Listings

One of a Kind
Interesting. Today I came across a website where the first sentence declared that everything on this page was one of a kind. But then the next sentence said that if an item is sold, just contact the artist and she will re-create the piece.

Um… doesn’t that null out the fact that the first purchase was sold as “one of a kind”? Not that customer “A” is going to be running across the customer who had the recreation made, but if I’m buying “one of a kind” jewelry, perhaps part of what I’m paying for is that privilege. Know what I mean?

And for the record, as a jewelry BUYER… that IS my preference… to purchase one-of-a-kind jewelry.

The Seed Bead Progress

Well, Mon and I have our first two seed bead bracelets done. Except that Mon thinks one is dreadful. I’ll have to show the photo and see if others agree.

We don’t have much under our belt yet, so not worth hauling out the photo gear. I hope we have enough by tomorrow or Sunday.

Gabe’s D.C. Trip

Gabe texted me today.... they're in New York. I'm guessing they bussed there from DC, but I didn't ask him. Not sure what they're doing other than they just finished seeing the broadway play version of Mama Mia.

On Wednesday, his group got to ask congresswoman Barbara Lee some questions. He said that was neat.

They also went to Ford Theater (where Lincoln was shot) and saw a live version of "The Little Shop of Horrors".

New Listings

Forgot to show you the new listings for the week (click a photo for details)…

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  1. Wow those glass bead bracelets are gorgeous! Did you make all the beads??