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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hockey, and lots of it...

Just watched Finland make a third-period comeback to take the Bronze.

Not happy that Mon's goalie session with James Jensen is tomorrow at 1pm. Geez... I would have LIKED to watch the Gold Medal game. Hmph!


Gabe's team is down south at the playdowns. There are some strange upsets... lower seeded teams stomping in higher seeded teams. Shrug

Unfortunately, we are one of those higher seeded teams.

Ryan started the first game and got pulled in the second when the score was 5-0. Gabe finished the game but they still lost 6-0.

Ryan started the second game and they lost 3-2, I think that final goal happened with only seconds left in the game. How painful.

Tomorrow morning will be the third game. Don't know if they'll have a fourth.

Mon, however, had a good game today... except that I doubt ANY goalie is happy about taking only four shots. Heh... but they were GOOD shots and she got a shutout, so that's fine. Her team has made two really nice showings in a row. 16-0 last week, 4-0 today.

Okay, Mon's watching Forest Gump and I'm going to go watch Fringe.

I made some silver metal clay pieces today. Monica calls them "sandwiches". I'll try to finish them up tomorrow, then bake them (hopefully before going to her goalie session).

Talk to you tomorrow!

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