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Friday, December 11, 2009

Weight Conversions, Double Guitar Playing, Unclaimed Property, More Kitty Pix

More Kitty Pix

So here’s Andy…

And here’s Annie…

And here they are with Bear… sort of… they were asleep on the couch and Bear took it upon himself to join them. :-) To their credit, they didn’t freak.

Watching the Sharks

And Blake just got the go-ahead goal. Yay!


Just finished a necklace. I’m adding it to the pile of items I have to list (this weekend hopefully). I have about four necklaces and four pair of earrings (one of which is my very first torch enamelling)… I guess I’d better switch to bracelets now. Hm… hope inspiration doesn’t elude me.


Did you know there may be money out there for you that you don’t know about? I found a lost in transit $59 check from my employer.

Unclaimed Property Search

Weight Conversions

Ever have to convert grams or ounces or other things like that? I do…. Often. Here’s the site I use:

Online Conversion

Here’s an entertaining and interesting video:

funny pictures of dogs with captions
see more dog and puppy pictures

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