Friday, November 13, 2009

What I made in color and patina class

Had a “Color and Patina” class at B.A.B.E. today. Here’s what I made…

That last thing is a cold-riveted jumpring (which I liked so much I’m using it as a pinky ring!).

Tomorrow is torch enameling.

I have more to talk about regarding green and stuff… but right now I’m exhausted and heading to bed.



Melanie-Pearl said...

L.O.V.E. the colors! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Melanie-Pearl said...

you know what's funny about that riveted jump ring---i just paid $100 for link-lock jump rings yesterday. i'm going to use them on some custom orders i'm putting together. i figured the expense was worth it because i don't won't to be repairing these orders for life. (they have enamelling on them so i don't want to solder them shut.) i can hardly imagine setting a hundred tiny rivets in tiny jump rings. did you need a microscope? :)