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Friday, September 18, 2009

Upcoming Jewelry, Etsy Rant, USPS Mishap

USPS Mishap

Yesterday, two things I mailed are arrived at their destination (or at least at the local post offices of their destinations).

One was a package to Texas, for a good friend of mine. I hope she likes the contents and can find something special for herself in there.

The other is a package that was shipped on August 31st. Yes, August 31st! Why the package sat in Sacramento for two weeks, I'll probably never know. But this package has caused me some angst by being delayed.

Etsy Rant (#493)

There is a blog for reporting/discussing scam Etsy sellers. Tsk tsk. If a business is large enough to have so many scammers that they can't deal with them all… then they are making enough money to hire people to deal with these scammers and keep them off their site. JMO…

I realize it behooves the sellers to do this, but IMO they shouldn't HAVE to be doing it at all. Neighborhood watch is one thing, but doing your boss's job is another.

How lucky is Etsy that they get hundreds of people working for them for free?

Cameras and Photography

Okay, back into the never-ending battle for me to shoot a good photo. I experimented last night and the results were dreadful. Tonight I'm going to try adding more light as well as opening the aperture.

I will keep you posted.

Upcoming Jewelry

I do have new things to list, but I just haven't had a night off since September 1st. I can give you a preview, though…

I finished the silver leaf necklace (my first successful PMC project), but I have to get a decent photo. I shot on a gradient background, but after looking at it I see I would have been better off getting more WHITE under the silver necklace since silver and grey are so similar.


For those of you who used to purchase findings from my children, they've started that business again. Monica has some nice vermeil and Bali silver coming up in a few days.

Gabe will be having a variety of items within a few weeks.


Not too much hockey this weekend, but that will give me time to straighten up at home, plan some meals, and work on jewelry and photos.

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Laura,

    I think your photos are lovely! Why do you think they're not up to snuff?

    I struggle with trying to get a good photo of a long (30" or more) necklace. Arghhh - any suggestions?

    Love all the pictures of the jewelry - your PMC leaves necklace is lovely! I like it on the gradient.

    Will you put a link to your children's findings site or shop? I never bought anything from them because I didn't know about them. Would like to check it out.

    You always post the funniest LOL Cats pictures.

    Have a great day!