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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just a quick update

I think I'm getting closer to what is it that I want to put into or add to my jewelry that will make it distinctly mine. Unfortunately, it won't be anything visually noticeable (I don't think). It has more to do with how a piece FEELS… or how it feels when worn.

Sigh… so hard to describe. But it feels right to me so I'm going with it.

Today's Friday and there's no hockey so I'll be heading over to Hadar's for class (after I check the website to make sure she's in town). I need s'more PMC standard so I can finish my pendant… would like to have finished my leaf necklace before I go. Might be a possibility.

Gem show this weekend. Heh… another big day of temptation (except it's worse this time because I actually HAVE some spending money).

These guys do really nice work on recycled clothing. Check 'em out!

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