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Monday, August 24, 2009

More Silver Clay (PMC) Testing

I’m afraid I haven’t had anything interesting to say lately. The kids are doing their hockey practices. Mon’s team had their first scrimmage. Gabe goes to the DMV tomorrow to try to get his learner’s permit.

I did do some experimenting with Silver Metal Clay. If you want to see the results, go to Going Green Jewelry.

My Chinese copper and bronze charms were a flop. I seem to be going downhill when it comes to copper inlay. Which means (stubborn thing that I am) I’ll keep trying until I figure it out.

I’m at a bit of a stand-still with the metal clay at the moment because I’m out of mini fiber wheels (abrasive buffs for the dremel). It’s okay, there’s other stuff to work on. It just means I have to put all my metal stuff away and then make a new mess on the coffee table with whatever my next project is (probably just making beaded jewelry… I think I’m a bit behind).

Later tonight I’ll try to photograph.

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