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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Laser-Cut Metal, Favorite Sellers, New Jewelry, Dartmouth, Movies


I saw a listing on Etsy today that caught my eye. I was impressed with how someone could sell such a meticulously cut out piece of metal for such a small amount of money. I mean, first you design the piece, then you have to saw the parts out that get removed, then you file and sand and polish. But in the description, it said it was laser cut.

This confuses me. Are machines that can cut a given pattern via laser readily available to the common man now or was this person just using a component they purchased somewhere?


Anyway, this week, some of my time was spent in market research. I had already known that many (okay most) of my favorite eBay sellers were not selling anything and probably haven’t been for awhile. If I go to someone’s eBay listings and they have nothing listed, it’s usually a while before I go back.

What surprised me, however, was the high number of my favorite Etsy sellers whose stores are empty.

Have a lot of jewelry sellers just stopped trying to sell or have they gone somewhere I’m not aware of?


I have some new stuff, but listing is a slow process… particularly when I’m watching Sense and Sensibility at the same time. So far I only have two bracelets up.



I (finally!) made the flight arrangements to Dartmouth. When I saw the sketch of the airplane during the “choose your seats” part of the process, I admit I considered backing out. Flying! *shudder*.

I even went so far as to rent a car for the week. No hotel yet… can’t do it all in a day. Heh

We’re flying in to Boston, then will drive for 2-3 hours to Hanover. I’m not rushing us. Gave us plenty of time on each side of going and returning in order to pretend this is a vacation.


Mon and I watched Slap Shot (I’d never seen it). I wasn’t impressed. We watched something else (that I wasn’t impressed with), but I don’t recall now what it was. Oh yeah (I cheated… and looked at our NetFlix queue)… Wuthering Heights. There was no one in that movie to sympathize with. Blah! A movie entirely about self-centered people.

Well, now I have to go pick some new ones.



  1. Are machines that can cut a given pattern via laser readily available to the common man now or was this person just using a component they purchased somewhere?

    Laser cutters aren't generally available to the common man, unless the man has mega-bucks. It might have been cut with a plasma cutter, still spendy but the common man (with a few bucks) can get one.

    My guess is it was a purchased component...

    And cool bracelets!

  2. Laura, I totally missed why you are going to Hanover (Dartmouth) Is Gabe gonna go to school there? You know I am just over 2 hours from Boston .. if he does end up going there on one of your trips East, please consider flying into Bradley (Hartford) and visiting me (15 min from airport.. I can pick you p) then driving north to Hanover (only adds maybe an hour to your journey and hey you can visit my mess and my kitties!!)

    About the laser cutting ... Google : laser cut metal and you will see many links including Youtube videos. At its best there are some cool intricate results... but usually it is just used for kitsch.

    Thank you so much for buying my pin... I have spent 400 dollars for car repairs in the last week (there goes my rent) so it REALLY REALLY REALLY helps! Now .. the other day you were pondering on how to maximize your Etsy ... um um the way to make money on Etsy is to hang in there and NOT spend all your profits *snark*... but thanks so much anyhooooo.

    I feel sad when I see empty shops on Etsy or elsewhere... people do give up a bit too easily. I have had sales come out of the blue so I just keep on listing. I just finished a big batch of pins, so my photographing extravaganza is about to begin, then I will list. I also have a craft fair in RL 3 weeks from tomorrow and saturday. Hope the weather cooperates, that is all I ask.

    Thanks again.

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