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Thursday, June 11, 2009

How To Look Good Naked… and Bronze Clay


Alright, I concede. I'm going to take my few latest pieces and try to sell them "as is"… meaning with the colorful patinas on them. I'm sure my listings will be filled to the brim with caveats, though. Ha ha ha!

Sent out a mailer today letting some of my previous customers know about the latest creations I put on the site. Within minutes the items were already leaving the shelves. That's "yay" for me especially because then I don't have to bother listing these things on eBay, Etsy or Artfire. I really would love to be able to just list on my own site and not spend so much time doing the other stuff.


Yep, the Penguins are making it a seven-game final series. How exciting! I am not going anywhere Friday night… will be riveted to the tv.


I get at least one email each week from a well-intentioned friend trying to warn me or update me to the lastest "thing"… a warning, interesting fact, etc.

Invariably all I do is respond with the http://snopes.com URL pointing out the non-reality of the email.

Here is one, however, that I'd like to share that is NOT a hoax. This really happened. I'm only sharing it because, not only is it odd, but it had a happy ending.

Read more.


So I get this text today from Gabe, "OMG, I missed my bus stop and I'm going to Alameda!"

Well, I guess that's what happens when you're the last stop before the tunnel under the estuary. He ended up getting off the bus at it's first stop once on the island, but had no money for a transfer or another ticket (OMG I am ALWAYS telling my kids to keep emergency money on them!!!).

The walk home (through the tunnel) took him about 45 minutes. Not too bad. I'm mostly impressed he could find his way home. This is a child who can look in the fridge and not see the gallon of milk in front of his face.


My eyes were opened to a new television show today… one that I've never seen and will now try to find. It's a British show called "How to Look Good Naked" hosted by Gok Wan.

It's no secret that being overweight is harder on your internal organs than not being overweight, but that doesn't equate with "hate your fat self". Maybe it'd even be easier to lose weight if you loved yourself, body and soul, unconditionally.

I was reading an article that mentions the "speed and drama" weight loss of the hit American show "The Biggest Loser". And the "torture tactics involving crash diets, liposuction, dental implants and hair extensions" of Extreme Makeover.

Shows like this seem almost violent when compared with Wan's "non-judgmental, sympathetic" approach. Apparently he teaches women, not only to love themselves but also how to buy and wear clothes that flatter rather than fatten them… and all without surgery or a teeth-whitening freebie.

One review calls it: "A really positive show that promotes happiness as opposed to making women strive for a media created look."

I'm definitely looking for this show. I love anti-drama.

BTW, there are plans for an America version of the show, but with a different host. Um… just saying'…

All that aside, however, I still want to be a healthier weight. But I'd like to think of these two things separately. Love myself unconditionally… and get healthy.

I have an idea about another project. Another project?! Are you nuts!!!

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  1. Just thought I would leave you info. on the US version of "How To Look Good Naked". It is on lifetime. Here is a link to the page where you can watch past episodes.