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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wanna Hear the HEIGHT of Ridiculousness?

Although I haven’t gotten around to blogging for a few days, I’ve been emailing the following few paragraphs to myself from computer to computer, hoping I’d find SOME TIME somewhere to get a blog post in. Ugh! Busy busy.

Busy with What?

Hm… Gabe’s off to socal again tomorrow… Mon’s got her usual appointments… I do those 40 minute walks with Bear each day… work’s been dreadful… took Gabe to Vacaville practice Tuesday… Mon has late practice tomorrow night… and other stuff…


What if all those times I thought I was "leaping" before I was "looking" or I was going into things too hastily without thinking things through, etc… what if those were times I was really just following my intuition?

Something to think about. Maybe I could quit chastising myself as too impetuous.


Woke up to "earthquake weather" (I think I wrote that on Monday). Actually, there's no such thing, but I've always got it in my head that if it's supposed to be a cold day, but instead it's warm and overcast and very windy… that's "earthquake weather". Shrug


Just listed a bunch of things in my eBay store at 50-75% off the regular price. Why? Because I like to show new things, not old things. I hope my regulars take advantage. And yes, I like to mix my sales up between the ProStore, eBay, and Etsy.

Here's an example of one of the starting prices (click the pic for details)…


How nice of you to comment in here and to mention this month’s issue of SRA Jewelry. If you think of it, I’d love to hear how your involvement with Project Linus goes. And thanks for the compliment on my jewelry… as sparse as it’s been lately. Eeee!


Thanks for letting me know your blog site. I have a few places to go tomorrow (Chris’s site is one) and I’m definitely checking yours out. Yay!


I’m thinking I’ll post the “people to keep in contact with” list once a week rather than every day.

So here’s some humor to leave you with. Which video did I show you last… the baby and the boxer? Okay, here’s another one…


I love this face (stalker kitty)…

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