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Thursday, January 1, 2009

SRAJD and New Year's Resolutions

Couldn't get to any of my "want to stay in touch" cards today 'cause my spare time (slim as it usually is) was taken up with SRAJD applications. Thank goodness Alex found a couple of batches that I hadn't processed. Trying to get completely caught up before the New Year (and since today IS Jan 1st… you can tell I started writing this earlier… two days ago, to be precise… and am just now getting a chance to post it).

Apartment Update

Bear seems to be settling in better. I think that’s mostly because the kids are here now.

The Mellow Bead

Yep, we are officially closed. The physical group is still up because I thought we ought to copy some of the tutorials first. Reminder, though, that the good chattin’ can (and already does) continue on the SRAJD Forum.

Misc Info

If you receive an email regarding the 2009/2010 Princeton Premier Honors Edition Registry, it’s spam. Well, unless you want to pay for the honor of having your name printed in a book that no one will ever read, but it will be published (they can easily afford to publish a book when they make 10-100 times the needed publishing cost from all the people who want to see their name in print).

I still get people subscribing to my first attempt at a YouTube video. It’s a constant reminder I should make something more interesting one of these days.


Thanks for the New Year wishes and back at you. I totally look forward to no more flooded basements (or leaking living rooms, or sloping floors, or shifting porch steps, or stray dogs pooping on my lawn, or neighbors trapping my ferals and taking them to the SPCA, or gang-tagged houses next to mine, or … oh that’s enough).


You’re so sweet! Thanks. Coincidentally (or serendipitously), I was cleaning out some email today and found an email from you entitled collaboration so I’m guessing that’s when we first THOUGHT of doing that… and it was dated back in 2005. Eek!

Sign Off

Well, I’ve got stuff to put away now while we’re watching the outdoor game. Leaving you with some New Year cheer. Hope to see you again soon…

Mom… doesn’t this cat look just like Tennie?!

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