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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rehashing (or maybe it's just reiterating) some thoughts on Spiritual Beliefs

I’m freezing. This is really unusual. I’m guessing it’s a combination of the weather change and my fluctuating hormones.

Revisiting an Old Muse

Was giving more thought to the idea of spiritual beliefs. I didn’t come up with anything new… I’m just still on the same page as before regarding how I feel about the following: If you found out (at the end of your life) that during your life whatever it was you believed in spiritually was completely wrong, would you regret certain ways in which you lived?

Example… let’s say your religious beliefs had to do with chastity, monogamy, same-sex relationships, vows of silence, poverty/materialism, sensual pleasures, harsh or humiliating punishments, praying, isolation, being kind or a humanitarian, doing hail Mary’s, meditating, fasting, birth control, etc…

Anyway, say you found out, at the end, that what you believed in was wrong. Would you regret having lived your life in a certain way because of your religious beliefs?

It seems to me that ideally, your response to this awareness would be: “No problem. I lived precisely how I wanted to even if what I had believed in turns out now to be complete fallacy.”

Do you know what I mean? I want to live in such a way that it doesn’t matter to me WHAT the end entails. I want to be happy and do no harm. I’d like to do a few other things too, but the two biggest ones are those.

So when I think about something that may have to do with my current spiritual beliefs, I ask myself, “If this spiritual belief changes or dissolves, will I still be happy with the choice I’m making now regarding how to live?”… I want the answer to be “yes”.

Where My Time Went Today

After coming back from Gabe’s game at Bridgepointe (they tied… a real shocker, I know), I spent time on ArtFire, taking care of Guild stuff. I also organized some of my lampwork.

It’s 9:30pm and Bear’s snoring away. I guess that means it’s too late to take him out for a last walk around the block. D’oh! Oh well, hope he lasts until morning.

And… I guess I’d better get ready for bed too. Oh hey… Bear’s sleeping in my bed. Hmph!

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