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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More on Somniloquy

So I told the kids about their latest entertainment for me... and Gabe said, "I thought I was saying: 'I'll get up when you leave my room.'." Yeah, 'cause that's exactly what "I'm waiting for the body to cross" sounds like. Mmm hm.

And Mon reminded me what I told her she said when she held her blanket up and announced there was a hole in it. The "it" was a boat. There's a hole in her boat.

BTW, Mon also laughs in her sleep… often.


I changed some stuff today. My main website is: www.ArtIsImportant.com From there, we can branch into more specific directions. I think that URL was birthed from one of my constant muses regarding: How can I spend so much of my life creating something non-essential (or seemingly non-essential).


Coraline comes out next month. Yay! Read that to Monica when she was younger.

Over the weekend Mon and I watched one of the mini-series versions of Jane Eyre. I always enjoy that movie.

Fast Food and Other Restaurants

I found this interesting. This site rates a couple of restaurants in regards to healthy menu options (or not).


Always love getting comments from you. Heh

BTW, I was perusing your Etsy store again and want to say congrats (although I'm not surprised in the least) on all the sales.

I'm glad you see my point in keeping one list alive here in the blog. I feel even moreso lately that I'm forgetting things. I want to streamline my mind, just like I'm streamlining my life. And I also gmail myself with reminders of things.


Great to see you (virtually speaking)!

Glad to hear you had fun with family for the holidays.

Wow, you're going to have 25 treatments? Eek! Is that once a week?

As far as getting together, we must keep trying because between your schedule and mine the opportunities will be few and far between. I had to take time off during the holidays in order to move so now I'm not getting days off for awhile. But don't give up on me!


I think I figured out that if I go to your site through FireFox (not IE), my computer doesn't crash (stupid computer). So I'm gonna go tomorrow and catch up on all I've been missing on your blog. Yay!

People I Want To Send a Note to and Stay In Contact With

I'm going to keep this list on here so I can both add to it when I think of someone else and so I can remember who I've contacted already.

BTW, this doesn't count people I see on a regular basis (obviously)
Newly Added: Patricia in Colorado
Newly Added: Faisal and family (local)
Margo up north
Laura in Texas
Connie (in Texas?)
Corinne in southern California
Cathleen (in the eastern US somewhere)
Katherine (in Connecticut)
Natalie in SF
Lara in Oregon
Joan in Penryn
Nancy in Vermont
Amber VM (don't remember where she is)
Chris (also don't remember where she is, but she's "crafty")
Person who made sent me that fab blue bracelet
Person who runs strokewear

Sign Off
Okay, gotta go now… TTYL!

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  1. Your list of "people you want to stay in contact with" made my day as I'm pretty sure I'm the Nancy in Vermont. I thought you'd like to know my roots have been replanted to Southern California although a big part of my soul will always be in Vermont. Wherever my head rests, I'm a huge fan of not only your art but the way you make the world a better place.