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Monday, January 19, 2009

I think when I'm mad I get cranky.

I know, that's rocket science, huh? But I can be cranky for other reasons too (like if I'm hungry or tired or PMS, etc).

Art Fire

I joined, but reserve judgment (will comment after a few months).

Lampwork Etc.

Big hoo-ha in the bathroom today. Feels very reminiscent of other forums I've been a part of (and seen the demise of).

As far as ME and my opinion of LE goes, I have totally felt trashed in there from time to time… but my memory is so stinkin' rotten that I can NEVER remember who dissed me so I can't hold a grudge. Heh

So the next day I just go in and post again as though nothing ever happened.

People I Want To Send a Note to and Stay In Contact With (updated on Mondays)

This list is here so I can add to it when I think of someone else and so I can remember who I've contacted already (which is no one so far).

BTW, this doesn't count people I see on a regular basis (obviously)
Newly added: Charlotte (local)
Amber VM (don't remember where she is)
Cathleen (in the eastern US somewhere)
Chris (in Iowa)
Connie (in Texas?)
Corinne (in southern California)
Faisal and family (local)
Joan (in Penryn)
Katherine (in Connecticut)
Lara (in Oregon)
Laura (in Texas)
Margo (up north)
Nancy (in southern California)
Natalie (in SF)
Patricia (in Colorado)
Person who made sent me that fab blue bracelet
Person who runs strokewear

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