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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Going to watch Episode 1 of Season 4 of Lost... G'night!

Didn’t realize until right before bedtime that I hadn’t blogged yesterday. I still feel like I’m fighting off a virus or something. I guess that’s my cue to start taking some vitamin C.

I’m almost finished with another batch of bracelets for my favorite Texan. Yay!

Oh, started the tumbler yesterday. I have several batches to tumble so I need to get on with it.


I have to admit, my carpal tunnel has been KEEELING me. I’m guessing it was aggravated during the move… lifting boxes, etc.

I expect it to pass eventually, as usual.


Tried something new tonight and LOVE it! It was from Trader Joe’s.

With it, I had some kalamata olives, naan, and a yogurt/dill sauce. Mmmmm…

A Really Fast Sign Off

I'm not even reiterating my "contact" list. I'm tired. Didn't do much today... would like to blame the thing that feels like an oncoming virus. Maybe I just needed a day of rest.

I'll probably feel more energetic tomorrow.


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