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Friday, December 26, 2008

This isn't good or bad. It's just the way of things. Nothing stays the same.

Real Live Preacher quote.

My deepest apologies for staying away for so long. I actually have a fairly good excuse THIS time. Heh

Some of you know, but for the others… I'm in the midst of a move. Got a place in Jack London. But as most of you know, moving takes time away from other things. I don't even have any jewelry listed this month (new jewelry, that is).

It'll be fun to be settled and start work on new projects. I really enjoy creating jewelry.

I've been thinking, too, about the process and the process in conjunction with marketing/selling and I'm going to stick with my intuition on this one which says, "If you make it, they will come."

I think if I continue to make jewelry the way I'm meant to (non-production work, happy surroundings, etc), the right customers will find me. That's how it's been so far; I see no reason to change now.

Here are the three things, and most likely in this order, that bring wonderful customers to me:
1) Eye-catching designs or designs which appeal to certain people
2) Quality craftsmanship and the use of quality, higher end materials
3) Essence… items imbued with vibrations from positive creation (a happy artist) as well as particular material combining (metaphysical qualities of the gemstones and metals)

Anyway, back to the apartment for a second, here's a sneak peak, but I plan to do more to/with it in the near future…

Oh, and two interesting things about the apartment. I didn't actually see the exact apt I was going to get because the guy had just moved out that day and they needed a week to get it ready. But I was told the porch looked out in a certain direction. But when I got into the apartment, I went onto the porch and saw that it didn't. However it looked over the front of the building, which I like infinitely better. It's fun to look for cars of people you're expecting to come over.

The other thing was a certain color of wall that I picked for them to paint as an accent wall. They got the color wrong. But I was thinking… what if the color that IS there is a color I'm supposed to have instead… for some reason. I mean, it could be a feng shui thing or just something in my life at the moment. I'm going with the flow on this one and keeping the surprise color they gave me. I'll show you a better close-up of it in a few days.


Going over to the house to get the rest of my jewelry making supplies and beads. Hope to start making again soon. Don't like to be away from my beads for too long. Heh


Thank you for the uber nice comment! Y'know… I still (ashamedly) have a wire-wrapped cabochon you sent me. Do you remember that? I was supposed to make a cool piece of jewelry with it… like a collaboration. I think I'm a collaboration failure, 100%. Not only did I blow it with your piece (I never had inspiration worthy of it), but I also totally made a mess of a collaboration I was doing with two other artists (last year, I think). Sigh… I need to realize my limitations.

Anyway, thanks for popping into my little blog world and saying hi. I hope you do it again.


Thanks for the nice comment. You're silly… but you already knew that. ;-)

BTW, how come when I click on Debbie's name (in her comment), it takes me to her website, but when I click on your name, it takes me no where? Do you have a blog?

Signing Out

Just more of the usual to put a smile on your face.



  1. Best wishes for the new year in your new home, Laura! ( hey, no more double flooded basements... BONUS!!!) Looking forward to your (your + M ) new creations in 2009.

    (((hugs))) from Cathleen and her kitties

  2. Hey Laura! I love the new apartment! I am glad you are able to move on and look at it positively. I feel it will definitely be positive.

    And about the wire-wrapped pendant. Don't worry about it. Wear it or re-gift it! :)

    I don't do wire-wrap anymore. The flame has got me wrapped in it's grip. Muhahaha