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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Feelin' Good… no idea why… maybe 'cause I got beads in the mail… ha ha ha!

Yes, I got some wonderful lampwork beads in the mail and being the generous soul that I am, I'm going to pass along to you the names and locations of these two bead-makers I just purchased from.

I won't show you any of their beads, though, because a few recent threads on LE really drive the point home that even when someone is saying something nice about someone else, it's NOT COOL to take any of their photos without their permission and post them onto your blog or in a forum or anywhere else.

So please, go check out these hyperlinks if you want to see the neat beads offered.

First is HMB Studios. The bead-maker is Heather Boardman and aside from having some great deals on her beads (yes, I went hog-wild in her store… hee hee), she is nice and communicates well (that's a big plus in the internet age). Oh, and super speedy shipping with extremely well-packaged items. Yay!

The other bead maker is Cherie from stoursglass. I gotta tell you that what REALLY caught my eye first was a couple of necklaces she has for sale, but I need more jewelry like the pope needs more pointy hats. Instead, I swooped in and grabbed a set of beads like none I'd ever seen before. I can't wait to make something with them and show you… I hope I do them justice.

As far as our jewelry making goes, here's the update: I prepared for our December "coming out" party by reducing the prices of our items in both Etsy and our ProShop… but things take time… I was not ready for the "grand announcement" yet because I didn't have any of the new stuff up yet. I don't want to send TWO emails to my customers so I was gonna wait… and just say, "Hey, new stuff up and old stuff on clearance sale!".

Interestingly enough, although I "promoted" myself a bit in the Etsy promotion threads and lowered my Etsy prices by 50-70%, not one item sold from my Etsy shop. But, there are only five left there now because five items sold IMMEDIATELY from my ProShop (the place with the best deals anyway… no overhead for me so I can put the lowest prices there).

So even though I didn't get a chance to tell all (or any) of my customers about the clearance sale, a very dear customer of mine must read my blog once in a while (I'm guessing) and went over to have a look. Thank you!

I apologize that I didn't get add any more listings today, but after work it's straight to hockey (maybe... there is one contigent to that). But very soon (sometime this week), I will be listing new items.

Okay, I'll go for now... and since I've been away so long, I have more than the usual amount of ICANHASCHEEZBURGER to share.



  1. Good luck with your sale!

    Please stop by my blog when you have a moment, I've left an award for you♥

  2. So very happy to hear that you're feeling happy and have a smile in your writing.

    Golly I'd been to both of your sites before reading your blog and there is one gigantic void at both! I hope that this means you've sold everything but those 2 items on etsy. (((((((((hugs))))))))