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Friday, November 14, 2008

New listings and my first soldering project

Soldered Charms

I mentioned in my last blog post that I'd finally take my first metal-smithing class. The title was soldered charms and it was for beginners. After learning the basics (like how to load and light my torch), I made two charms. I turned them into earrings for Monica and she has worn them every day since I made them.

Here's a picture of them. They are about 5/8ths of an inch.

And I finally got some of our listings up on eBay. Will probably add them to my store later today.

(You can click on a photo for more details.)

A couple weeks ago I added some items to my eBay listings that I never got a chance to "show" (in here or in the forums), so I'll probably post the pictures here when I add them to our Bracken Designs store (later today).

Since paperwork (or papers in general) is a definite bone of contention in my plan to simplify and organize my life/surroundings, I did work on the problem a bit today.

A file cabinet with all necessary papers organized.
All incoming papers filed daily.
All necessary items (craft supplies, clothing, books, etc) in place.
All unnecessary items removed.

I was thinking a few days ago about the difference(s) between humans and animals. Are humans the only thing on this planet with such complex and at times convoluted ways of thinking? And if so, why? Why are our lives so complicated by stress and worry and fear and anxiety and everything else that animals don't seem to involve themselves in?

Reminder to Self
When I do a smiley in here, it ends up being nothing more than a capital "J" in my text. Argh!

Thanks again and totally not "phft". It's special and wonderful on many levels.

I was considering a class on making my own box clasps (yes, I still remember the fab one you did!), but it's a four day class. Ack! I found it hard to stay focused when I had two classes on back to back days.

Glad to hear your classes are almost over. Dying to see more jewelry and creations from you. I know... how self-centered. Ha!

Sign Off
Okay, I'm getting back to the papers now. TTYL! Sending you away with some of my recent "icanhascheezburger" photos.

Funny - Funny Videos

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  1. fantastic soldering project! Bravo! and great stuff for Ebay too, wow!! Loved the kitties, especially the video ... what a shameless sensualist!