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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A hospitalization and new techniques

Well, this explains my absence for the past week. On Tuesday --- went into the hospital. She spent a week there and is discharged as of yesterday.

Well, although I could keep her from doing too much homework during her stay at the hospital, Mon insisted that making jewelry would be good for her and she DOESN'T consider it work. J So I brought her some supplies and she made many lovely items. Hopefully we'll be able to photograph them tonight, along with the earrings she hasn't taken off since she got them (more on that below).

Learning New Techniques
So… those who know me well are privy to a few of the skeletons in my jewelry making closet. Things like: buying a package of art clay silver and never opening it (over a year later!)… and buying metal-smithing tools and not using them… and buying a hand-held torch and being afraid to even turn it on. Ha!

Anyway, I have finally solved most of the above (still have the unopened art clay silver… give me time). I actually signed up for two classes being held at BABE this year. They were both taught by Joe Silvera (whom I highly recommend!).

I made a simple pair of bezel set gemstone earrings (don't need to show you those), but the most exciting thing is I learned to use my little butane torch… which led me to learning to solder. Yay! I made a pair of earrings and gave them to Monica. They were my absolute first attempt at soldering so I've learned even since then, but even so they didn't turn out half bad (IMO).

Bead Show
The rest of BABE was fun because I spent most of it with friends. It's very cool getting more familiar with some of the lampwork, polymer clay, and metal artists I admire too. I bought some amazing things that I dearly hope I find time soon to work with. So many things to show you!!!

Oh, also, I'd like to extend a special thank you to Alex and Craig. That was extremely nice and thoughtful of you both and it really, really made her happy. She is going to cherish that gift forever. Thanks.

Other Art
Branching into other areas, particularly of mixed media, I was asked by a few people who read my last blog entry if they could see a larger shot of the picture (I'd call it a painting, but it isn't exactly that… yet… or maybe even ever… I'll explain at a later date).

Anyway, Cathleen and I were totally on the same page regarding the "room" I chose to show the artwork in. Ha! I didn't even notice until I was at home showing Mike that night that the room was a fake. Eek! (Oh yeah, that's the pot calling the kettle black.) Nonetheless, I've moved my art to a real room ;-) and here it is, along with a slightly larger (but compromised with copyright protection) image for the curious.

Hope it wasn't more intriguing when it was difficult to see. Ha ha ha!

Do you know how flattered I am to hear you come read my blog? Thanks for the compliments. It's funny… when I try to look up cool stuff on the internet, more often than not something of yours is there. It always goes like this: "Oh, that's really cool!" "Actually… something about it seems familiar." "Hey, that's a Lisa V piece!" J You having any time lately to do jewelry? It was you, btw, who inspired me to try bezel setting.

Thanks so much for the kind words and for the continued support of my creativity. I was going through (okay, I do this a lot) my boxes of beads last week and I move certain sets closer to my work table if they are something I'm dying to work with but don't have a particular inspiration yet. Anyway, once of those sets is yours… it's REALLY close to my work table. Ha! I'm thinking of trying to combine my "new" metalsmithing skills with your beads… see what I come up with. They're the beads that are red, blue, and gold pc in rectangle shapes with black designs on. (That was probably a dreadful description… it was that last TMB challenge from the photo of the lady's artwork.)

What's the "Open Studio event here at Artspace"? That could be a rhetorical question, btw… I can try to find out myself. Sorry to hear you've inherited double duty, but keep us posted to how it's going.

Wrap Up
If I've forgotten something, forgive me… I am still a little distracted. There was a lot to do before… there's even more to do now. I think tonight I'm going to make myself an affirmation bracelet. The chant is: Time is elastic to my needs. That is something I really need right now and they've never let me down before.

P.S. I tried to update that slide show over there (up and to the right) but Flickr seems to be down every time I try. Hmph! Will attend to it as soon as possible… as well as getting the new jewelry items onboard.



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