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Monday, October 6, 2008

Wow... life is very saturated at the moment

Every time I feel like complaining or whining about something, I just don't feel justified in it. I mean, there are SO many other people with SO many more intense problems. I know I'm told that just because others have it worse than I do doesn't mean I can't complain, blah blah blah. But really... I am so fortunate for so many things... I just can't bring myself to be a huge moaner.


I'll still tell you what's going on in my life. And yeah, you'll notice a bit of a whiney tone here and there... like when I tell you that paying the $3000 wasn't bad enough for the abandoned house behind me that sprung a leak and flooded my downstairs, but when the same house did the same thing one week later, my insurance company (USAA) informed me that this is a separate claim from the first one and I get to pay the $3000 deductable all over again.

Don't you sometimes feel like life is laughing at you? I mean, c'mon... this was TOTALLY out of left field. But oh well... what's a gal to do?

I'll just have to find the money somewhere, somehow... like always.

Gabe Updates
The Jets got back from a Phoenix tournament last night. Two ties, a loss and a win. The important thing is Gabe had fun. He said he had a good time. Whew! Next for him will be their first CAHA weekend in Valencia (which I'd really like to drive to... but we're still waiting to see what Mon has on her agenda).

Mon Updates
The Cougars had a rough weekend (but it's still preseason at least). Since the Tahoe team folded, they played the Bears both on Saturday and on Sunday... getting fairly pummelled both times. But I saw (and see) so much potential in her team I'm not worried in the slightest. I have complete confidence in them and know they will develop and improve and become a force to be reckoned with in their division.

Mon worked on a lot of jewelry this past weekend. I'm toying with the idea of listing her items separately on the website.

I'm glad she's coming back home tonight... I need her for modeling purposes. Got a bunch of shots of the jewelry we're ready to put up this week.

But... before we get started on the new stuff... have a look at a couple of recent listings and some AMAZING clearance sale items...

Going into the store later today...

Blue boro charm bracelet on clearance...

Faceted Amethyst on clearance...

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Oh, and I got my order of boxes in so no more emergency trips to Michael's where I get to pay four or five times the price. Heh

Hi Cathleen (pretty picture, btw!). No luck on the insurance... I'm told they most likely won't pursue it with the liable party because it's not worth it to them (I'm out the money, not the insurance company). I agree about how fun (not!) in-person selling is. Did you already have yours? How'd they go? And goodness gracious I still haven't time to check out Kate McKinnon's blog. Hmph!

So Chris... have you tried toggles yet? Ha! I mean, since you last said you wanted to... heh. I still haven't made the second half of mine, but I did show Patrice and Alex the round part. Truthfully, we're all a little worried about the breakability level of pc.

Well, I'd better go. Everyone keep up the good cheer!



  1. OMG Laura ... LOLCats always kill me ... sorry ,,, but I am easy!

    I know it does not help even a tiny bit .... but I do feel there is some unknown rule of the universe that is something like: When shit is raining ... there will be even MORE shit , so you get really soaked in it till the universe has its way with you. In my lifetime I have had spans of time filled with disasters that stripped me of money, effort, relationships, whatever ... that just would NOT come up for air! I am so sad for you that you are going through this. Just keep a swimmin', gal your talent, your family, your being .... are all so worthy of the marathon.

    I have one trunk show Wednesday (tomorrow) and one Saturday ... I will be extremely happy with ANY sales. I also sold 2 pins on Etsy yesterday ... go figure...mabye people have to make themselves feel better about the economy by buying a pretty!

  2. Oh Laura...what a PITA to have to deal with. What I would like to know is who got the leak/break fixed in the abandoned house the first time and why on earth didn't they shut off the main water valve to prevent it from happening again?

    To answer your question...no I have not tried a toggle yet. I'm busting my hump getting ready for a bead show the 17th, 18th and 19th. One would think that I would learn to make extra all year long so I'm not frantic trying to get enough inventory made at the last minute. Anyway, I have wondered about the durability of a pc toggle. PREMO is really quite flexible when cured and may handle the stress. I was thinking about maybe trying to incorporate some metal mesh into the toggle for strength. I'm hoping to have some time to experiment after the show.