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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday... yay... right?

I think I've figured out that if I leave my blogging until the end of the day (or near the end of the day) it just doesn't happen. I mean, even if I open it and have my fingers at the ready on the keyboard... I just sit there and go... duhhhhhh. So I'm going to leave this window open throughout the day (until I feel my rambling has sufficed for the day) and just babble on and on about whatever strikes my fancy.

Why do we journal (blog)?
For ourselves? Is it cathartic or therapeutic? Or do we write in the hopes that our voice will be heard and a connection will be made? Or do we write because we have family and friends who try to make us feel guilty for not keeping up with daily/weekly/monthly emails... and if we write in here and direct them here, that kills about 20 birds with one stone, yes? No. No one who bugs me about not emailing them will come here. Hmph!

We (Gabe and I, I guess) need to get on track with his college stuff. He's already enrolled in an SAT prep class that meets twice a week and he's taken the PSAT (a week or two ago), but there's still so much to do... I think we need to start with taking a serious look at a few colleges. He (hopefully not "we") still needs to decide if he wants to go to a junior college (like Sierra College in Rocklin) for the first two years and then transfer to a larger campus or if wants to just try to get into a four-year school from the start. I guess some of this depends on if he's eye-balling east coast schools and/or how the scholarship applications go.

I think I want to break the site down into four basic categories. Mind you, this is all in a perfect world. I do tend to be an idealist, but one has to start SOMEWHERE.

So I'm thinking:
1) My more experimental pieces
2) Our basic jewelry creations
3) Note cards and similar artwork
4) Tutorials

Shrug... we'll see.

I have a necklace ending in an hour on eBay, and I still haven't shown anyone Mon's latest bracelet (despite the high number of watchers on it already.... nice).

Oh, and I got a really neat earring display for my continued attempt to find a way to photograph earrings. Wish me luck!

And rats... I've run out of time. I'm glad the kids aren't going to hockey tonight... I could use some "catch up" time.


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