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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Too tired to write?!

Yeah, sounds like nonsenese, huh? I think it's more like, if I'm past my peak "energy" time for the day (trust me, after 3pm I'm useless) I just don't even want to think. And my blog posts are rambling enough that I don't need to add "not thinking" to the mix. Heh

Anway, what's new? Well, tomorrow I'm going to respond to some comments from friends. I love comments! So far everyone has been really nice. What's not to love? :-)

Oh, here's a weird thing... After I make a piece of jewelry, I photograph it, list it, wrap it up safely, then put it in my "selling" drawer. So I'm going through my selling drawer the other morning, pulling out the items that had sold and needed to be shipped, and I pick up this one bracelet and go, "Where the heck did that come from?"

Seriously, I do NOT remember making it... and it's not photographed and/or listed. So I asked Monica. Nope. Not hers. It's lovely, and by the style (and how it was made) I can tell it IS in fact one that I made... but it bugs me that I don't remember making it and how the heck did it bypass the photo and listing part and go right into the selling drawer? Weird. Well, anyway, got another one to get ready tonight.

What else can I mention that isn't too droll? Oh, Mon got straight A's on her first report card as a high schooler. She works very hard, though, so she totally deserves it.

Well, longer post tomorrow.


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