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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not a Macrobiotic Day... --- yawn ---

Oh goodness... I am SO tired today. Well, "sleepy" is probably a more appropriate distinction. I may very well go home after work and just crawl into bed; I feel that's completely possible. It would mess me up seriously for that evening and/or the next day, but... hm...

Anyway, Mon's pads arrived last night. She used them on the ice at Vacaville. They are a LOT taller, narrower, and lighter than what she's used to so there will definitely be a learning curve. She has a practice tomorrow night so hopefully she'll just start to feel more and more comfortable each time she goes out with them. I don't know yet if she's going to wear them to her team's first game(s) the following weekend (no games for her this weekend). And I am still in the dark about going or not going to Valencia with Gabe for his first CAHA weekend. Blah!

I did get one new piece listed today (had a bunch end so had to put SOMETHING up at auction). I rather like it. It's a bit different, so I think it's a design I'll continue to play with a bit in the near future.

Tonight is Supernatural night. Yay! Until then, we'll probably watch hockey.

I'm up to episode 1 of season 2 in the LOST series.

Web Stuff
Got Mike's website moved over from ValueWeb to HostMonster. Gah! What a frikkin' nightmare PITA. It only took me 5 days of back and forths. Ugh! But there's no point in him doing all this work and promotion on a site that isn't going to be his permanent URL.

Hey look! You get your own section! Ha! Actually, I'm at the end of my day and only have a second, but wanted to quickly respond to a previous comment. When I raved about your artwork (so inspiring!) and mentioned the photos, you said you photoshop the paintings into nice pictures of room layouts. That was going to be my second guess and I think it's splendid. As a matter of fact, if someone takes you down, they'll have to take me with you because if I ever get off my rear and start offering some of my wall work for sale I want to do the same thing (if you don't mind).

Okay, gotta go... TTYL!

1 comment:

  1. WOOOHOOO!!!

    you made my day Laura! I am honored by my own special section du jour, and thrilled to see your artwork and to see it in a lovely setting.
    I make jewelry, I never wear jewelry. I do paintings, I do not have a home where paintings hang. *smile* but it makes me VERY happy when I see my work on a customer at a craft fair.... and it tickles my fancy to see my work in imaginary settings that to my eye would be the perfect spot. I should not say this out loud... but in the few instances I have sold artwork, it was not a happy time for me. I guess I am just an old hippie at heart and I really had "sand in my teeth" to deal with the upscale customers who were all matchy matchy about their sofa. LOL So... I really don't try to sell art in person any more. Jewelry selling has its moments and its personalities ( nice word) but all in all the joyous times outweigh the grinches.

    Notice I have not mentioned anything about the macrobiotic diet. My opinion about it is not positive. IMHO a vegan type diet is much healthier and sustainable over a longer time-frame ... much more practical when on the go, too. This is a do as I say , not as I do thing... I am a very round old woman. BUT I have been on every food plan known to man... and researched a lot on the net. I will butt out of that one now *smile*

    I really like the whatnot bracelet. I have some copper chain I have been thinking of sort of weaving into some cording I have, and then will do some danglies from the chain.... not sure if it will work... but I am filling my inventory with things-not-silver. It is killing me not to be able to buy silver now when it is so low. I really love silver as a material and wish it weren't tied to the puppet strings of monies, oil and banksters.