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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Macrobiotic Musings

I have (Mon has too) a tough time taking in the required amount of water in a day. I'm just not a good water drinker. So… until it becomes habit, I will pay close attention and sort of FORCE myself to drink. Women should consume 2.7 liters of water per day (but this includes some from food). My SIGG bottle is 0.6 liters… so I have to make sure fill it up four times in the day. That should be so hard. Here's what mine looks like, btw…

After much searching and trying of various methods (rather like my religious beliefs), I think I may have found a system of eating that makes sense to me. Macrobiotics.

This morning, after dropping the kids at school and before heading to the office, I stopped off at Whole Foods and picked up a few items I felt like trying.

The basics of macrobiotic eating, btw, are:
-- Eat mainly whole grains, followed by vegetables, followed by fruits, with little to no animal products and/or refined starches (simple carbs).
-- Eat slowly, chew well, don't multi-task while eating.
-- Exercise moderately and don't over eat.
-- Eat certain foods WITH other foods and eat certain foods SEPARATELY from other foods.
-- Have a warm liquid (tea, soup broth, etc) 20 mins before a meal.

This seems in complete opposition to the low-carb, protein-rich diets currently making the rounds (Atkins, SouthBeach, etc.). I'll let you know how my progress goes.

This morning (I waited too long to eat breakfast, though… I don't think getting to the point of a grumbling stomach is a good idea) I had brown rice sushi rolls with avocado and cucumber in them. As accoutrement, I used wasabi, honeyed ginger, and low-sodium (I know, can you believe the original salt whore herself is opting for low sodium?!) soy sauce.

I'm currently working my way through "bottle 1 of 4" for my water intake. If I divide the day into quarters we've got:

One bottle for every four hours of awake time.

Other things I picked up at the grocery store include:
Two kinds of whole grain crackers (will give the details and a review after I try them)
Tamales (butternut squash and red beads)

And I am right now in the process of sipping a cup of chicken broth before I try out (with a bit of trepidation) one of the cheese-less tamales. :-) The soup reminds me of my youth… I often had one of those chicken bullion cubes in hot water…. Mmmmm… maybe that was the start of my salt habit.

Kind of a slacker in that area at the moment, but it could be due to time constraints. I'll be free to have another long walk after work tomorrow… and then again on Friday. Yesterday we drive straight from work to Mon's practice (I got to enjoy Gabe's company for that evening… yay!) and tonight we head to Vacaville for goalie practice.

Then I also have Saturday and Sunday, barring any times out for hockey stuff.

Man, I am continually blown away by how extremely nice my customers are. Through selling jewelry I have (mostly virtually) met some of the coolest people. I couldn't be happier.

Well, I have auctions ending tomorrow and I still have new things I haven't listed yet. But today is (sadly) the last of the uber busy days for me. It's always bittersweet. Yes, I will have a few days to try to catch up on some things because I won't be taking the kids to hockey or school or anything else… but… yeah, I miss them. Ha!

There's a way cool thing in San Jose this weekend (thanks for the heads-up, Patrice!) that I'd love to go to, but I'll have to play most of the weekend by ear. Don't even know yet who the Cougars (Mon's team) are playing… or what day… or where (last week of preseason before the A/B determinations).


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